dōTERRA Europe Diamond Club: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I request any type of reimbursement?

A: You will receive a cash bonus instead. Each month, participants who meet the monthly requirements will receive a bonus of €300 / £255. This bonus can be used at the participant’s discretion to help cover costs associated with meetings, incentives, personal expenses, etc.

Q: When will I receive the cash bonus, and will I be able to receive this bonus if I don't meet the requirements?

A: You will receive this bonus the month after you have completed the full month with all the requirements stated on the 'Requirements' page.

Q: Can someone in my team enrol new members through my portal for me?

A: No. You will risk your membership in Diamond club and will be disqualified. You are the only person allowed to enrol through your portal as you are the one who has agreed to the terms and conditions of the program.

Q: Is the 70/30 rule still in place?

A: No, as of the Autumn 2021 Diamond club, this rule no longer exists.

Q: Is there a requirement for my classes to be in or out of area?

A: No. You can hold your classes wherever you like, it can be online, and it can also be a one-to-one class.

Q: What happens if someone in my team participates in Diamond Club too?

A: As for qualification, participation, and maintenance, the same enrolment cannot count for 2 Diamond Club participants simultaneously. Please coordinate with your team Member.

Q: Does the new enrolee need to have his LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) set up at the time of the enrolment? And how does he get product points awarded?

A: No, the new enrolee doesn’t need to set up his LRP at enrolment. If the new enrolee wants to get the 25 product points, they can set their LRP up at any time within the month of enrolment and the following month.

Q: If I forget to enrol my new member through the portal, what can I do?

A: If it is still within the three business days of enrolment, you may email europediamondclub@doterra.com and we will investigate it.

Q: Can I qualify with an enrolment outside Europe?

A: No, Europe Diamond Club is a Europe wide project and does not include other countries. While we are happy that you are enroling on other continents, please note that those enrolments will not count for your qualification nor will the enrolee qualify for the Diamond Club promotions. Please note Eurasia or South Africa enrolments also do not qualify.

Q: Can my sponsor be from another market outside Europe?

A: Yes, your sponsor can be anyone in your direct sponsor upline.

Q: If doTERRA offers an enrolment promotion, will my new enrolee benefit from this promotion too?

A: Yes, your enrolee will benefit from the enrolment promotion and from the DC free product(s).

Q: How many times can I participate to the Diamond Club?

A: You can participate as many times as you like. However, you are entitled to the Diamond Club trip incentive only two times.

Q: I’ve reached Diamond rank before, can I participate in Diamond club as a participant?

A: You may participate under the following conditions: 1) You must meet all qualification criteria (see Qualifications page); 2) You will not participate in the prizes and will not qualify for the trip; 3) Your points will not be shown in the rankings; 4) You can only participate once (starting from January 1st 2021).

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Please contact the Europe Diamond Club Team on europediamondclub@doterra.com.

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