How to Live More Sustainably

Every year, on 22nd of April,  Earth day is celebrated. This day was created to raise awareness of the effects of climate change and the consequences of destructive human behaviour on our planet. Over the years there have been countless campaigns on how to save energy, how to use less plastic and how to recycle. However, we are clearly losing this war. 

We need to go beyond a few measures and change our whole lifestyle. This includes what we eat, what we wear and how we commute. The good news? These changes are not only good for the environment, but good for you and your body as well. 
Let’s save the planet! 
Zero Carbon Commute
Are you driving to work? Every day there are new alternatives to transform your commute into a zero emissions journey. From human powered traditional bikes, skates and scooters, to recent innovations like e-bikes and e-scooters, there’s a whole new world of options to make your travels more environmentally friendly and get you fit at the same time. 
If you live too far from your workplace, try bus, train or even car-sharing. Talk to your colleagues -  who knows how many neighbours you have at work? 

Say Goodbye to Fast Fashion 
Fast fashion is one of the biggest polluters in the world. We all know that we don’t need that many clothes, shoes or bags, but we insist on buying new items constantly, often to be worn only once. 
How can you change this? Well, you can start by going to second hand shops, trading clothes with your friends and donating the items you don’t want anymore. For future purchases, you can search eco-friendly brands with materials that last longer and are sourced from countries and companies which work with Fairtrade. 
Become Flexi…Tarian 

Yes, flexitarian is a thing! This new concept was designed to help people have a balanced and healthy diet while saving the planet. The idea is to reduce the intake of meat and fish and increase the consumption of grains, vegetables and fruits. If everyone adopts this diet, we can easily feed the whole planet without increasing the greenhouse gases released by the meat industry. 
If you don’t know exactly how to start this change, check our "recipes” page, for some yummy ideas. 
Choose Fairtrade 

The way you shop defines the strategies and offers that brands use. In supermarkets search for the Fairtrade logo on the items you want to buy, especially in goods that come from non-European countries. Coffee, cocoa, chocolate, sugar, palm oil and coconut oil are some examples. 
When you choose Fairtrade, you are supporting fair prices for farmers as well as fighting deforestation and practices that harm the environment. The same applies for organic, free-range and ethically grown. The secret is in the label. 
Use Natural Products 

Cleaning products, shampoos and cosmetics often contain chemical ingredients, which harm not only us, but the environment as well. doTERRA has a range of natural solutions that will make your house more eco-friendly than ever. 
Also, if you are interested in making your own cosmetics using essential oils, check our DIY page. We have plenty of fun tricks and ideas for you.

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