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Ginger  Zingiber officinale

Artikel-Nr.: 60215459
Größe: 15 ml
PV: 49
Preis inkl. MwSt
Verkaufspreis: 67,67 €
Einkaufspreis: 50,75 €
Preis ohne MwSt
Verkaufspreis: 56,87 €
Einkaufspreis: 42,65 €


Sourced from Madagascar, doTERRA Ginger essential oil is derived from the fresh rhizome of the ginger plant – the subterranean stalk of a plant that shoots out the root system. A featured ingredient in many Asian dishes, Ginger has a hot, fragrant flavour when used as a kitchen spice. In Western tradition, Ginger is most often used in sweets like gingerbread and ginger snaps.


  • Use one drop in place of whole ginger in sweet and savoury recipes 
  • Ginger oil is very useful for baked goods like banana bread and pies

Directions for Use

For food flavouring.


Only use diluted. Take no more than one drop per day. Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of eyes and mucosa.

Primary Benefits

  • A popular kitchen spice used in many dishes from around the world and known for its warm, earthy aroma
  • Use as a replacement for dried or fresh ginger in sweets like gingerbread and ginger snaps

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