doTERRA Europe Diamond Club - Sponsors

Sponsors are your upline.  You can have up to three upline sponsors.  Leaders have been asked to look at applicants seriously.  Please know that they believe in you.  Please know that they support you.  HOWEVER, they may not be at a place to support everyone in their group.  Believe me, they wish that they could.  If your immediate upline says, “no,” then ask them:
  1. Can the next upline support?
  2. What support outside of Diamond Club can they give you?
  3. What can you do in order to be qualified for support next time?


  • Be engaged and support your team members
  • Participate in orientation and training with your team members before Diamond Club
  • Have a weekly conference call with Diamond Club Participants
  • Help them plan their schedule and meetings
  • Teach them your best practices
  • Have them post their events
  • Attend some of their events and give support and feedback
  • Teach them how to follow up and get their new enrolees on LRP
  • Be constantly supporting and motivating their team members
  • Encourage your team members to hold in-home meetings

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