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Simple Choices for Sustainable Change

We’re exposed to countless synthetics every day.

Your family deserves products that improve your home and environment in dependable and effective ways, all without adding to the load of synthetics we face every day.
With so many naturally sourced essential solutions at your fingertips, you can choose to remove synthetics from your space one simple swap at a time.

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How to Get Started

For more than a decade, doTERRA has been a leader in the essential oil and wellness industries. That’s because we believe that the substances you use around your home and family matter and can affect your family’s wellbeing. We produce high-quality essential oils and work tirelessly to provide you with products made with the best possible ingredients that can be sourced from nature.  

Our goal is to provide you with alternatives and options you can trust so that you can choose what substances you bring into your own home.  Here is how you can get started using some of the best tools designed to make simple changes in your daily routines easier than ever: 

  1. Get safe, naturally sourced supplements, essential oils, and essential oil products. 
  2. Replace the synthetic products in your home cabinets with your new, naturally sourced alternatives.
  3. Enjoy a cleaner, more naturally sourced lifestyle, for you and for your family.
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The doTERRA Difference

Making simple trades for store-bought products with naturally sourced essential oils and essential oil products is an easy way to bring about sustainable change in your lifestyle. doTERRA Products provide an alternate solution for every occasion, making it easy for you to reduce the synthetic exposure of you and your family.

​​​​​​​Products we suggest: 

Take Charge of Your Life with Non-Synthetics

​​​​​​​The Simplest Choices Make the Biggest Changes

Every breath, every bite, every minute under the sun introduces us to substances and chemicals (natural or synthetic) that can impact our wellness. 

The key is to minimize the exposure to these rampant synthetic substances in the areas you can control, making your lifestyle more naturally sourced and putting the wellness you want within reach! Swapping out products in different areas of your wellness for naturally sourced doTERRA solutions and supplements is the easiest first step toward taking control of the synthetics in your space. 

Are Synthetics in My Home Really a Concern? 

Even trace amounts of synthetic substances and chemicals in your environment add up over time when they regularly come in contact with your body. They’re called “synthetic” for a reason—in the case of many synthetics, your body was not designed to absorb them! With that in mind, the kindest thing we can do for our bodies is stop asking them to work overtime to keep up in the face of heavy synthetics. 

While there are things like city pollution that are out of our control, there are still plenty of ways you can reduce your exposure to synthetics in your home, and you can start by replacing some of the common products in your home cabinets.

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