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Incentive Trip 2025—Points & Eligibility

Secrets and Dreams Bahia Mita Surf & Spa Resort
Secrets and Dreams Bahia Mita Surf & Spa Resort

Qualification period: March 1–August 31, 2024

How to Earn Points

There are three main categories for earning points: personal points, team points, and Silver Club points. 

Personal Points:

  • Your 100 PV or more enrollments and their second- and third-month 100 PV or more loyalty orders 
  • Your personal rank advancements

Team points, earned from your personally enrolled leaders: 

  • Rank advancements

Silver Club points:

  • Meeting monthly requirements as a Silver Club participant for the 2024 season
  • Meeting monthly requirements as a Silver Club mentor for the 2024 season

Personal Enrollments

Points are awarded as follows for personal 100 PV enrollments in the United States and Canada and subsequent 100 PV orders. 

Achievement Enrollment (Month 1) LRP (Month 2) LRP (Month 3) Total
Personal Enrollment 2 4 4 10

These points must be earned in a consecutive three-month period. However, if the second month is skipped, you can still earn points in the third month. 

Points will be earned for all enrollments starting March 1st, 2024. You will not be able to earn second or third month points off of someone who enrolled in January or February 2024, even if they place a 100 PV loyalty order after March 1, 2024. This rule applies for the US and Canada. 

Personal Rank Advancements

When you advance in rank, you’ll be awarded points as follows for up to three months for each rank. 

Rank Advancement First Time Second Time Third Time Total
Elite 20 20 20 60
Premier 25 25 25 75
Silver 30 30 30 90
Gold 35 35 35 105
Platinum 40 40 40 120
Diamond 50 50 50 150
Blue Diamond 55 55 55 165
Presidential Diamond 60 60 60 180

Unlike enrollments and loyalty orders, rank advancements don’t have to be achieved in consecutive months. For example, if you advance to Silver for the first time in June but don’t hit Silver again until August, you’ll receive the second month points for hitting Silver in August. Your starting rank will be the highest paid–rank you’ve achieved at least once from January 2023 to January 2024. 

Leader Rank Advancement

When your personally enrolled leader in the United States or Canada advances in rank and maintains the rank for up to three months, you’ll be awarded points as follows. 

Personally Enrolled
Leader Rank Advancement
First Time Second Time Third Time Total
Elite 4 4 4 12
Premier 10 10 10 30
Silver 25 25 25 75
Gold 30 30 30 90
Platinum 33 33 33 99
Diamond 35 35 35 105

Points will be awarded to whoever holds enrollership of the account when commissions are calculated. Just like your personal rank advancements, team rank advancements don’t have to occur in consecutive months. 

Silver Club

You can earn Silver Club points as either a participant or a mentor in the 2024 season. To earn points in either category, you must achieve the monthly requirements during the current active months.

Achievement Met Monthly
(Month 1)
Met Monthly
(Month 2)
Met Monthly
(Month 3)
Graduating Total
Silver Club Participant 10 10 10 30 60
Silver Club Mentor 2 2 2 6 12

Only 60 points can be earned toward the categories of Silver Club mentor and participant for the 2025 Incentive Trip.

Minimum Point Requirements by Category

There are two minimum point requirements for the 2025 Incentive Trip:

  1. Personally Enrolled Rank Advancement Points—minimum of 20
  2. Enrollment and LRP Points—minimum of 100

Other Rules and Requirements

  • Points will begin accruing on March 1, 2024. No points for the Incentive Trip will be added for achievements made after August 31, 2024.
  • To qualify for a spot in the 2025 Incentive Trip, your points must be earned from the US and Canada.
  • At least 90% of your total qualifying volume for your personal enrollee’s rank achievement and bonuses must be in the US or Canada. That volume calculation will be at the Executive and Elite level.
  • If you advance through one or more ranks in fewer than three months, all three months of points for each rank advancement will be awarded when your highest rank is achieved three times. This principle also applies to personally enrolled leaders’ rank advancements.
  • Volume for rank must be unique. Ranks based on stacked volume won’t add points. In other words, if you stack multiple personally enrolled members in such a way that one member’s volume increase triggers multiple rank advancements, then points will only be awarded to the enroller for the rank advancement—where the actual volume increase occurred.
  • Points and ranks are subject to audits.
  • Points are awarded to the person who holds enrollership when the month’s commissions are paid.

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