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French Canada Market Leaders—Meet the Original Pioneers

The French Canada Market Leaders Club has been designed to inspire the new generation of French Canada leaders to rise to their potential. As a Market Leader, you are building upon the foundation that was established by the original Pioneers.

Marie-Kim Provencher, Double Presidential Diamond

Marie-Kim Provencher is the leader who launched the great dōTERRA movement in Quebec. At 40 years old, she is already at the head of an organization of thousands of active Wellness Advocates in several French-speaking countries. This spirited, bold and ambitious mother of 5 has inherited strong values of integrity, humility and courage that she shares and teaches with conviction to the members of her organization with kindness. Recognized as the 2017 Diamond Club winner, she gave herself a year to focus solely on her business and build her dream, without distractions or excuses— and she did it, hitting Diamond in less than a year. Marie-Kim believes that when you strive to achieve your goals, the pitfalls are opportunities to grow, learn and improve. If you ask her for her secret, she will tell you: hard work, focus and love.

Jessica Champagne, Presidential Diamond

Jessica loves helping others find natural solutions. she is excited to help her team experience the same financial success she has. "I am able to change the lives of those around me by spreading the word about the benefits of essential oils, while getting paid to do so," Jessica explains. She is inspired by this opportunity to help others, provide for her family and offer the same opportunity to her team. She has seen her team evolve over time and is increasingly dedicated to helping them achieve their own goals. Her best advice for those who want to build their business is simple: You have to work to achieve your goals! Success doesn't fall from the sky.

Anick Lalancette, Blue Diamond

It was at a party in October 2016 when I decided to be part of the doTERRA journey. A little voice told me that I had something to live for with this company and it was stronger than anything. It was the beginning of a new life... My first goal was to rediscover the entrepreneurial woman I was while being more available for my family and all this while helping others. What more could I ask for? From my experience, it is absolutely necessary to build your belief in your ability to influence others, to instill passion with humility and to develop empowered leaders who will, in turn, know how to do the same. So, part of my job is to have the privilege of coaching extraordinary people every day towards achieving their dreams. I am said to be very human, always listening to people and generous. Above all, I love human contact and relationships. On the other hand, I am also a committed person, a go-getter, creative, visionary, strategic, frank and in action. I am passionate about guiding people to achieve their goals, encouraging them to take action, push their limits and get out of their comfort zone so that they have all the tools to propel themselves forward and create the life of their dreams.

Audrey Laforge, Blue Diamond

"I believe that every human being has something special to offer to others and I want to contribute to this exchange." Born in the wonderful region of Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, Audrey is an entrepreneur with lots of ideas. Projects have always been her main source of energy, and this, since she was very young. Audrey loves the idea of inspiring others in their quest for wellness. Audrey is a lover of life. She has a desire to serve people so that they can come closer to balance. She sincerely believes that each human being can bring to the other. Happiness is in her nature! Keywords: solution, positive, action.

Lison Guérette-Capony and David Mondor, Blue Diamond

For Lison Guérette-Capony and David Mondor, “dōTERRA is not a just a gift of the earth—it’s a gift from heaven.” There was a point when Lison faced complete burnout. She recalls, “My body and my mind were so exhausted. Focusing on natural health became a way to express my creativity and to improve my self-care. It helped pull me away from the burnout.” Soon after, Lison discovered dōTERRA’s business opportunity. She says, “I couldn’t believe that it was possible for me to get an income from my passion. I’m working now in a field that reflects my internal values, and I don’t get tired as easily. On the contrary, I feel energized, even if I work way more than before. It’s fulfilling.” Lison says that one of the best parts of building her business is doing it with her husband, David. “We’ve experienced total freedom and so many blessings. We now want everyone and their teams to experience this freedom. We see all they have to offer the world and want to see them shine, flourish, and expand.”

Mylène Gagnon, Blue Diamond

Empowering entrepreneurs to succeed in business by creating a better world - Mylène personifies this on a daily basis. To manifest this mission, she embraces the transformative process that doTERRA offers. Tremendous physical, emotional and spiritual changes accompany her on her journey. The more she embodies well-being, caring and faith, the more she passes it on to her community. She and her team firmly believe that changing the world is possible. It is enough to start from ourselves, to learn to receive, and to develop new skills to give the best to those around us.

Kathy Houle, Blue Diamond

A trained teacher, educational consultant by profession, mother and accomplished woman, Kathy discovered dōTERRA products in September 2016 and fell in love with them. Consequently, when the business opportunity presented itself, she gave it all she had! She is passionate about life and loves the simplicity, authenticity and green spaces that her beautiful region offers. Personal development and reading are essentials for Kathy. She tries to live every moment of every day to the fullest! Her greatest desire? Helping women achieve their professional goals without interfering with the family dynamic. “I want to see each of them reach their full potential and be happy in their daily lives without having to make heartbreaking choices between career and family,” she says.

Marie-Christine Morin, Diamond

Marie-Christine has always been a fan of self-improvement. Before choosing the entrepreneurial life, she completed a Master's degree, a Bachelor's degree and a certificate. All the while, she has studied several languages and has travelled to many countries. She has also worked mostly in the education field while training to help people be healthy as a spinning, Pound, and pilates instructor. She considers sport is one of the pillars of her balance. She always showed interest in global health and particularly in essential oils. Although admittedly, at first, she didn't give doTERRA a chance! She combed through their CPTG certification, their values, their vision, and the founders, until one day, the alignment was there! She found the ideal life she was looking for: teaching her passion by helping people take care of their health while building a business that would provide her with flexibility and financial freedom.

Annik Boily, Diamond

Annik Boily knows what it’s like to have bad days. When she was a teenager, she overcame a severe health crisis. She pursued her dreams, graduated in accounting, got married, and had three children. Then her marriage fell apart. It was around this time that a friend introduced Annik to dōTERRA products. At first, Annik didn’t want to build a business, but she shared essential oils because she wanted to help her friend. Soon she started doing it for herself. Annik says, “I never thought this would become my new dream, my new hope, offering me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. It has allowed me to support my three children plus our future.” She credits her growth to her business, which has enabled her to rise above her circumstances and discover her leadership skills and strengths.

Veronique Dion, Diamond

In January 2019, Véronique took the big leap of leaving her job to focus on developing her business full-time and making it her career. She was afraid to leave the job that was her safety net. She says this decision has allowed her to strengthen her leadership, confidence and develop new skills as an entrepreneur. Every day she continues with faith and consistency! She keeps in mind that she is the master of her destiny and that what she thinks she creates. She has a strong purpose and mental clarity that helps her propel herself further and expand her vision to help her team grow beyond their dreams. 

Jasmine Lemoyne, Diamond

Having had several physical health challenges at a young age, Jasmine quickly became interested in health and natural solutions. When she discovered doTERRA in 2017, she quickly realized that these oils would change her life. WOW how come most people didn't know about these oils! So she made it a mission! She has always tried to take back the power over her health and help others do the same. But the beauty with doTERRA is that she can do it on a large scale! So she has built a team that dreams big! Together we have more fun and go further! "I always tell my kids that we have to believe in our dreams, even the ones that seem a little crazy! Even if the people around us don't believe in it, we have to be strong and believe deeply in it". Sometimes there are obstacles in the way of our dreams, but seeing people get better and receiving their recognition gives us the strength to take one step at a time towards success. And when one dream is realized, a bigger one awaits us!

Karine Dostie, Diamond

Karine Dostie was not familiar with essential oils when she discovered dōTERRA products, but she believes that her career, education, and interests prepared her for this journey. A science and math teacher and personal trainer, she has long had a passion for teaching, health, and supporting others. These experiences, combined with a love of products, quickly convinced her to get involved in the business. From the beginning, Karine could not help but spread the word about the oils. She chose to accompany and serve with love and joy. "I feel happy and fulfilled when I improve people's lives and well-being on all levels; that is my mission. I want to pass this legacy on to my children and grandchildren: anything is possible, we can choose to shine, inspire and be passionate every day of our lives."

​​​​​​​Nathalie Chausseau, Diamond

Nathalie Chausseau has been an aromatherapist since 2004, and she has been using essential oils and other natural health solutions to care for her family for over 10 years. When she found dōTERRA, she knew it was the perfect fit. Nathalie explains, “I’ve always had a dream to teach people how to reach their health goals. Now, with the dōTERRA business and products, I can live that dream more than ever before.” Because of Nathalie’s love for the products and natural health, she has become a go-to on her team for information about the products. Nathalie is grateful to see the changes dōTERRA has brought to her life, and she strives to help her team achieve the same success she has. Her family is on track to be debt-free by the end of the year, and she has experienced immense personal development. “Take a rough diamond—you have to polish it to bring out the richness. It’s the same for us. As I become a better version of myself, it encourages my team to do the same. We must live to believe.” 

Nancy Couture, Diamond

As a businesswoman and entrepreneur for over 35 years, I immediately fell in love with doTERRA. I understood that these products could make a difference in the lives of thousands of people. doTERRA has completely changed my life and that of my family. It allows me to have fun in my work, to feel that I am making a difference in the lives of my clients and my team, to have freedom of schedule and above all to be able to dream big. As a doTERRA leader, I accompany my team members towards their own summit, each at their own pace and with their own colour. Differences and uniqueness are the strength of each person. My goal is to meet people who are both totally different from me and who are like me. I like to work with the strengths of each person, to nourish self-esteem, self-confidence and determination. As the owner of a gym for women, doTERRA products complement my mission to help women find their balance in a wellness approach and to help them take care of themselves, to blossom, to grow and to reach their dreams! Life is beautiful because everything is possible.

Raphaelle Gagnon, Diamond

A little vegan sorceress who loves natural alternatives, Raphaelle found in dōTERRA the perfect way to combine two of her passions, teaching and health, while evolving with the freedom she needs to really help people. Her vision for dōTERRA: the health revolution, no less! She firmly believes that it is the ultimate economical, safe and effective solution to take care of our health naturally, in a simple and accessible way.

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