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French Canada Market Leaders—FAQ

​​​​​​​Where can I see my points? 
You can track your points using the French Canada Market Leaders Dashboard.  There is also a points calculator that you can use to help you set goals and strategize. Please note that enrollment points will be updated on the Dashboard every Wednesday. All other points are updated once a month after commissions are paid out.

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Do I have to live in Canada to participate? 
No, you can live in any market and become a French Canada Market Leader, but you will only earn enrollment and team points from personally enrolled distributors in the French Canada market. 

What dates will the French Canada Market Leaders program be running? 
Points will begin accruing on September 1, 2021. The program will close when all 15 spots are filled. 

How do I earn points?  
There are two main categories for earning points: Personal Points and Team Points. Personal points are your enrollments and their second and third month of 100+ PV LRP, and your personal rank advancements. Team points are for your personally-enrolled leader’s rank advancements, first time earning Power of 3 $250 Sales Bonus, and first time earning the Empowerment Bonus.  

When will my points be updated? 
Points from enrollments and LRP are calculated daily. All other points will be updated after the commission runs for each month, usually around the twentieth of the month. 

If my enrollee reactivates their account or upgrades from a Wholesale Customer to a Wellness Advocate, do I earn enrollment points? 
In order to earn enrollment points, the enrollment must be a brand-new enrollment that is in the French Canada market. Reactivated and upgraded accounts will not earn points. However, if those same enrollees rank advance, earn the Power of 3 ($250 ) sales bonus for the first time, or the Empowerment Bonus for the first time, you will earn points for those achievements. 

Can I earn points if I get back to my highest achieved rank? 

If you return to a rank you have not hit since before January 1, 2021, you will be eligible to earn half the points that you would normally receive for achievements made after September 1, 2021.  This same rule applies to your personally-enrolled leaders who achieve a rank they have not been paid at since before January 1, 2021. 

If I need to give enrollership up to someone in my structure who is trying to move up in rank, would I lose the points I had previously received associated with that enrollment? 
No, you will earn rank advancement points for the months you maintain enrollership and will not lose those points after you have earned points for the month. For example, if someone you have enrollership of achieves a new rank in July and you maintain enrollership through the commission run for July commissions, you will get the points for that month. If you give up the enrollership in August, the new enroller will earn the points for when the account re-hits that rank for the second and third time. This also applies to the Power of 3 $250  Sales Bonus and Empowerment Bonus points. 

To keep the points that I have earned for the French Canada Market Leaders program, how long do I need to maintain enrollership? 
Each month after the Commission Run is finalized, doTERRA will freeze points for the previous month. For example, any points earned in June will be awarded in the October 15th commission run and will not be taken away after that commission run. After the points are frozen, you can change enrollership as needed without risk of losing points. Keep in mind that the new enroller will earn points for any second and/or third time achievements for rank, LRP orders, $250 Power of 3 Sales Bonus, or Empowerment Bonus that have not yet been awarded points. 

Can I earn points if a Gold I enrolled achieves the Empowerment Bonus? 
Yes, if one of your personally-enrolled Gold leaders in the US qualifies for the Empowerment Bonus for the first time, you will receive points. However, if they earned the Empowerment Bonus as a Silver before hitting Gold, you will not receive points for the Empowerment Bonus. 

I am a Wholesale Customer; can I participate in the French Canada Market Leaders program? 
If you are a Wholesale Customer and you would like to participate, you can upgrade your account to become a Wellness Advocate. You will need to be a Wellness Advocate in order to enroll people, rank advance, and earn commissions. You can upgrade your account online or call Member Services. 

If I or one of my personal enrollee's rank advances one month, but declines in rank the next, will I lose points? 
No, once you have earned points for their rank advancement you will not lose points. You will receive more points once they hit that rank again for a second and third time. 

Can M1 accounts qualify? 
Yes, if you are a Presidential Diamond with an M1 account, the points will be combined for both of your accounts. 

Does my personal enrollee need to have 90% of their Qualifying Volume (QV) in French Canada for me to earn points from their rank advancements? 
At least 90% Qualifying Volume for your personal enrollee’s rank achievement and bonuses must be in the French Canada market. That volume calculation will be at the Executive/Elite level. 

90% French Canada Qualifying Volume depending on rank: 

  • Premier: 90% Canada volume  for the two Executive legs 
  • Silver: 90% Canada volume for the three Elite legs 
  • Gold: 90% Canada volume for the three Premier’s Executive legs 
  • Platinum: 90% Canada volume for the three Silver’s Elite legs 
  • Diamond: 90% Canada volume for the four Silver’s Elite legs

If I receive a Placements exception, will that affect my points? 
Yes, if an exception is approved it may affect points. The Placements Team and Exceptions Committee will handle these situations on a case-by-case basis. 

When there is an Account Transfer, does the person who transferred into the account inherit the transferor's points?  

If someone transfers into a position, they do not inherit any points that had been earned by the previous account holder or any second or third time points. However, they will earn points for new achievements made after the transfer. For example, if Amanda transferred into a position that just achieved Elite for the first time, she will earn points after she rank advances to Premier.  

How do Account Transfers affect team rank advancement points for the enroller? 

After an Account Transfer, the enroller does not earn points until the transferee advances beyond the rank they were transferred into. For example, if Bonnie transferred into a Premier position, the enroller will not receive team rank advancement points for Bonnie until she advances to Silver. 

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