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KENYA: Maasai Mara Ecosystem

Group of people in Kenya
Group of people in Kenya

The Maasai Mara ecosystem in Kenya and Tanzania is often referred to as the Eighth Wonder of the World. It’s home to millions of animals that migrate through the savannah grasslands. The stunning Maasai Mara has captured the hearts of countless tourists.

However, the changing climate, lifestyles, and rapidly growing populations are making the future of this incredible place—and the livelihoods of the people who live there—uncertain.

Together with our sourcing partner, Fairoils, doTERRA has a unique opportunity to help maintain the integrity of the northernmost point of the Maasai Mara through Co-Impact Sourcing.

Zebras in nature

Car riding a group of people in Savanna

Group of people in Kenya

Kenyan woman holding hands with another woman

Enonkishu Conservancy

Diamond and above leaders can form Wellness Advocate groups to experience the Maasai Mara ecosystem firsthand and understand how Co-Impact Sourcing works to protect one of the world’s most precious natural wonders. doTERRA has partnered with the Enonkishu Conservancy, an industry-leading conservation organization, and their professional travel company to manage logistics and provide you with the best possible experience.

Enonkishu and the surrounding conservancies offer an incredible safari and cultural experience at an exclusive rate. You’ll enjoy discounted conservation fees thanks to doTERRA contributions to Enonkishu and the important projects we pursue together.

Enonkishu Conservancy works tirelessly with surrounding conservancies, government leaders, and local communities to revitalize tired grasslands. doTERRA and Fairoils have joined Enonkishu to continue this important work by donating 10% of essential oil proceeds developed in this partnership back to the Conservancy. doTERRA and Fairoils are also setting up a Co-Impact Sourcing project with local communities to provide meaningful additional sources of income to small-scale farmers and pastoralists, as well as extensive training on conservation, human-wildlife conflict, and environmentally sustainable practices.

See the differences between Co-Impact Sourcing and Leader Led trips in Kenya below.

Co-Impact Sourcing vs. Leader-Led Trips in Kenya

Leader Led Co-Impact Experience doTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing Trip to Kenya
Cost Per Person $2200 average cost + international flight, but prices will vary due to customization of each group $5200 + international flight
Number of Participants 12 40
How the Participants Are Chosen You choose all the participants Participants are chosen through a lottery or by doTERRA (depending on the market)
Visit to doTERRA Distillery Facilities Yes Yes
Possible Number of Trips per Year 24 2-3
Visit to doTERRA Outgrower Farmer Properties Yes Yes
Participate in Co-Impact Service Yes, if the group wants to donate funds towards a project Yes
Areas in Kenya Visited Enonkishu Conservancy (near Maasai Mara) Mombasa and Nanyuki
Access to doTERRA Sourcing Team Yes, you will have a doTERRA Sourcing team member with you during the distillery tour and outgrower visits, but not during the rest of the week. Yes, you will have a doTERRA Sourcing team member with you throughout the full week.
doTERRA Staff No, there will not be any doTERRA staff participating with you on the trip. Yes, there will be doTERRA Corporate staff participating on the trip.
Agenda The agenda will be created by you and your team, with the help of the Mara Training Centre doTERRA sets the agenda of the trip.
Wildlife Animal Viewing and Game Drives YES! YES!
Branded Gifts None will be provided by doTERRA, but you are welcome to make your own! Yes
Time for Team Building/Training Yes Yes

For more information, email and we'll connect you with our partners in Kenya to determine travel dates and start customizing your Leader-led trip.

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