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HAWAII: Kealakekua Mountain Reserve

Group of people in a garden area
Group of people in a garden area

Located near the western coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, Kealakekua is a region whose history is deeply intertwined with the many unique and endemic species of Hawaii.

“Kealakekua [translated, the Pathway of the Gods] Bay and the surrounding land area have been recognized as one of the most, if not the most, significant historical places in Hawaii. Supported by the abundance of agricultural products from the upland Kona field system and the rich marine resources of the bay, the Kealakekua area became a densely populated settlement and a religious- political center” due to the residence of the king (ali’i) of Hawaii Island, a priest compound, and chiefly burial sites.

Being mindful of the past is essential to doTERRA and the Hawaiian people. doTERRA’s involvement withthe Kealakekua Mountain Reserve is an opportunity to participate in a redefined future for growing Hawaiian native trees, including of course Sandalwood. The reverent approach to Sandalwood management on the Kealakekua Mountain Reserve represents Ka Lā Hiki Ola or The Dawning of a New Day.

The Kealakekua Moutain Reserve (KMR) is located on an old ranch, which was overgrazed and over-logged, inhibiting natural regrowth. Although several key native species are difficult to find on the island due to its history of over-harvesting, there are still many indigenous trees in the forest, which covers approximately 9,000 acres of the recently formed Reserve.

Tree trunk in nature

Sandalwood Tree

Hands holding Sandalwood bark

Man checking distilled essential oil

Come experience these reforestation efforts, sustainable harvesting of Sandalwood, and extensive, ambitious plans to help Sandalwood and other native Hawaiian species thrive once more with a visit for a few hours, or most of one day, with your team. You will need access to a 4-wheeled drive vehicle.

Click here to connect with the team to help plan your visit to KMR.

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