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Kumquat Uses and Benefits

Kumquat Oil Product Description

Indigenous to Asia, the kumquat is a small, orange-like citrus fruit. As an essential oil, kumquat offers a bright, citrus aroma that can be admired in a variety of different ways. Like several of its citrus relatives, Kumquat essential oil contains high levels of the chemical constituent limonene, giving it strong topical cleansing properties and making it the perfect addition to a homemade surface cleanser. Because it can also be cleansing to the skin and scalp, Kumquat oil is ideal to include in your personal care routine. Kumquat essential oil can also be enjoyed for the sweet and fresh flavour it can add to chilled, refreshing beverages. You can create an energizing aroma in your home by diffusing Kumquat oil by itself or combine it with other citrus oils for an invigorating, citrus scent throughout your space. Discover your favourite way to enjoy this unique citrus oil when you add Kumquat essential oil to your collection.

How Do I Use Kumquat Oil?

  1. Smoothies: Add one to two drops of Kumquat essential oil to your favourite smoothie or smoothie bowl for a burst of delicious, citrus flavour as you enjoy your cold treat.
  2. Flavored Water: Add one to two drops of Kumquat oil to a glass of water for a sweet, fortifying taste that encourages regular hydration.
  3. Skincare: Add a drop of Kumquat essential oil to your evening facial cleanser to promote a healthy-looking, clean complexion and a bright, refreshing scent.
  4. Hair Care: Add one drop of Kumquat oil to your shampoo during an end-of-day shower for an invigorating, sweet aroma that keeps your hair looking clean and healthy.
  5. Surface Cleanser: Add one to two drops of Kumquat essential oil to a homemade surface cleanser then spray and wipe down commonly used surfaces for an extra clean shine followed by an energizing, fresh aroma.
  6. Diffusion: Add three to four drops of Kumquat oil to the diffuser of your choice and enjoy an uplifting, cheerful aroma throughout your home or office.

Fun Fact

The English name “kumquat” is derived from the fruit’s Chinese name, which means “golden orange” or “golden tangerine.”

What is Kumquat Oil?

Native to Asia, the kumquat tree, Citrus japonica, is a short, shrub-like tree with dark green, glossy leaves, white flowers, and produces oval-shaped, vibrant orange fruit. The kumquat fruit is about the size of a large olive and grows in clusters. The whole fruit is edible, but the inside flesh is extremely sour, and the peel is sugary sweet. The kumquat rind (peel) is cold-pressed and made into Kumquat essential oil.

What Essential Oils Blend Well with Kumquat oil?

The sweet, uplifting aroma of Kumquat essential oil pairs well with other citrus oils including Bergamot oil, Citrus Bliss oil, Lemon oil, Lime oil, and Wild Orange oil. Kumquat oil also blends well with Cedarwood oil and Frankincense oil.


Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. For external use only. Avoid sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying product.

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