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doTERRA Peace Uses and Benefits

doTERRA Peace Oil Product Description

Life supplies a constant stream of events and situations that can overwhelm and make it difficult to find moments of calm. A combination of some of the most relaxing and reassuring essential oil aromas, doTERRA Peace essential oil blend was designed to help you reclaim such moments. This blend’s peaceful aroma blissfully balances floral and minty scents like Spearmint oil, Lavender oil, and Ylang Ylang oil for a renewing aroma, ideal for creating a calm, peaceful environment whenever and wherever you need it. doTERRA Peace oil can be used topically or aromatically to inspire an atmosphere of contentment and peace in your daily life.

You can also enjoy the benefits of doTERRA Peace essential oil blend in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil with doTERRA Peace® Touch. This product is an ideal alternative for children and individuals with sensitive skin, or if you’re looking to take it on-the-go.

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How do I use doTERRA Peace Oil?

  1. Personal Aroma: Wearing doTERRA Peace essential oil as your daily personal perfume scent is an excellent way to carry its comforting aroma with you throughout the day. Simply add a drop of doTERRA Peace oil or roll doTERRA Peace Touch on your wrists and the back of your neck for a lasting aroma. Alternatively, keep doTERRA Peace Touch in your purse or backpack when you’re on-the-go, and reapply the scent before an important presentation, meeting, or date for an extra reassuring fragrance.
  2. Massage: The floral and minty notes of doTERRA Peace oil can bring a perfectly balancing scent to your end-of-day massage ritual. Combine two or three drops of doTERRA Peace essential oil blend with Fractionated Coconut Oil and massage into your neck and shoulders while taking deep, meaningful breaths to take in the peaceful aroma.
  3. Morning Aroma: Begin your day with the benefits of the doTERRA Peace essential oil blend by applying one drop of doTERRA Peace oil to your hands and rubbing them together. Then, cup your hands around your nose and inhale deeply while repeating your regular morning affirmations.
  4. Nighttime Ritual: doTERRA Peace blend is an ideal evening blend that can promote a calming environment while you wind down after a long day. Apply doTERRA Peace to the bottoms of your feet in the evening for a relaxing aroma. Or use the doTERRA Peace Touch blend for an easy application.
  5. Fabric Freshener: doTERRA Peace can also be used to add a touch of floral and mint scents to your clothing, towels, and linens. To give your fabrics a touch of this scent, try adding two or more drops of doTERRA Peace oil to a dryer ball or un-scented liquid laundry detergent. Alternatively, you can easily roll doTERRA Peace Touch onto your pillows to enjoy its relaxing aroma.
  6.  Diffusion: To fill your home with a peaceful aroma, add three to four drops of doTERRA Peace essential oil blend into the diffuser of your choice. Use during quiet times, before bed, or whenever you need to instill a calming, tranquil home environment for yourself or your family.

doTERRA Peace Touch

Promote a pleasant, calm environment wherever you are by using doTERRA Peace® Touch. doTERRA Peace essential oil blend is prediluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil and packaged in a convenient 10 mL roller bottle for easy, mess free use on-the-go. Fractionated Coconut Oil provides a soothing application without becoming greasy or lessening the rich benefits or aroma of the essential oil.

What is doTERRA Peace oil?

  • Vetiver Root
  • Lavender Flower
  • Ylang Ylang Flower
  • Frankincense Resin
  • Clary Sage Flower
  • Marjoram Leaf
  • Labdanum Twig Absolute
  • Spearmint Herb


For external use only. Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

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