Jessie Reimers

Presidential Diamond Wellness Box

InTune® Focus Blend: When you need to concentrate the fresh aroma of InTune includes Sandalwood, Frankincense and Lime essential oils and promotes a sense of focus. Try it on the back of your neck, wrists or the back of your hands and inhale deeply. You can also use it on a clay pendant or diffuser jewellery to feel refreshed and invigorated by the aroma.

Spearmint: Refreshing to add for a boost of flavour in bliss balls, desserts, drinks or salads. Apply to your toothbrush as an invigorating breath freshener, diffuse and enjoy the cleansing, revitalising aroma. Combine in your diffuser with any combination including Basil, Lavender, Black Pepper or Rosemary and enjoy!

Peace® Reassuring Blend: When you need to create a sense of calm and centredness, diffuse or drop on your hands and inhale deeply. Apply to the feet during feelings of restlessness or emotional upset for a calming scent. Diffuse at night to promote a calming environment before a restful sleep.

doTERRA Spa® Rose Hand Lotion: Rose is the queen of oils and it is the fragrance of this beautiful hand cream which you will want close by so you can use it morning, noon and night!  It will leave your hands feeling silky smooth as it gently moisturises.  

doTERRA Spa® Tropical Lip Balm: Apply generously throughout the day, and experience the deeply moisturising properties of Coconut, Moringa Seed and Avocado oils as they deliver the magic of Wild Orange, Peppermint and Ylang Ylang for a luscious, hydrated pout.  



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