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Since the beginning, doTERRA’s Founders have been on a mission to share the highest quality essential oils with the world- so we have created the Sharing Guide to help you do the same!

Informed by various research pieces, trusted third-party sources and the cumulative wisdom of doTERRA advocates, this Sharing Guide has been designed to help you as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate:

  1. Feel assured and confident as you share essential oils with your friends, family and customers
  2. Understand how to communicate the benefits and uses of doTERRA essential oils in a clear and responsible manner, in person adn via public forums such as social media

A ratings guide has been developed to help you understand what constitutes low, medium and high-risk advertising, communications or messaging, and a segmented doTERRA chart has been created to help Wellness Advocates and consumers lunderstand which doTERRA essential oil or oils might help support their wellbeing goals and needs.

We hope this sharing guide provides all doTERRA Wellness Advocates  with the guidance, advice and understanding needed to enjoy, communicate and share the doTERRA mission and essential oils safely, transparently and responsibly.  

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