Product Innovation

Essential oils are naturally occurring, aromatic compounds that hold incredible benefits for our well-being. Improving on what nature has already created can be largely a fool’s errand. Nature knows what our bodies need, and has already provided those resources to us.

When it comes to product innovation, doTERRA employs a simple tactic: allow nature to do what she does best already. doTERRA is committed to providing high quality and pure essential oils. Our harvesting and distillation practices are carried out by co-ops of growers and distillers who have mastered the art of producing the finest essential oils. These co-ops are often made up of families who have done this work for generations. They’ve passed down their expertise, continuing a legacy of knowing where best to grow the botanical materials, when is best to harvest, and how best to  distill the oils. So, innovation does not come in improving the essential oils. Rather, it comes in maximising the benefits of those oils.

While maintaining the integrity and potency of the essential oils, doTERRA works to develop new delivery methods that allow the oils to do their work. From carrier oils and lotions, to beadlets, doTERRA has developed ways to enhance the benefits of essential oils by making them more readily and easily applied. 

Essential oils enthusiasts also know the power of combining essential oils. These blends can provide the original benefits of the different oils while also create synergistic partnerships between the oils, creating even more benefits and optimising the oils. But there’s more to creating a blend than just mixing oils together. You have to know the proper ratio and even the proper sequence. That’s where creating blends becomes both a matter of science and art. doTERRA continues to research and develop blends that unleash the potential of nature’s gifts.

How does one improve on what nature has designed? Simply put, you don’t. But, innovating new products as well as discovering exciting blends is something doTERRA excels at.

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