Loyalty Rewards Booster Program

Do you love living a wellness lifestyle? How about getting FREE dōTERRA products? Sound good?
Then, you won’t want to miss our Loyalty Rewards Booster Program launching 1 March.

What is the Loyalty Rewards Booster Program?

The Booster Program is an amazing opportunity for our existing Loyalty Rewards members, (or anyone interested in finding out how to Live the Benefits of LRP) to move up the ranks of our membership structure and start earning incredible product points without the regular wait periods.

How does it work?

Starting from 1 March, we’re giving anyone who purchases 100PV or more on their Loyalty Rewards template the chance to skip the queue and bypass our standard 12-month wait time accelerating from wherever they are on our membership tier directly to the highest member reward benefits.

How can existing members use the Booster Program?

If you are currently a Loyalty Rewards Program member earning 10%, 15%, 20% or 25% of your order PV value back in product points, all you have to do is place your regular LRP order in March (as long as it’s over 100PV), and you’ll immediately jump to the highest, Connoisseur reward structure, earning 30% of your order PV back in product points. That’s incredible rewards that you can use to redeem on the FREE products of your choice!

And there’s more… If you place a 100PV+ order on your Loyalty Rewards template for three consecutive months starting in March, not only will you get the highest membership rewards for each of those three months, but your LRP membership will be accelerated permanently to the highest, (Connoisseur) member reward structure. So, you can keep earning amazing product points every time you order – FOREVER*.

What if I've never used the Loyalty Rewards Program before?

If you’re an existing dōTERRA customer who’s never ordered on LRP before, you’ll have the opportunity to join the program at the top tier level in March.

You don’t need to have an existing Loyalty Rewards Membership to benefit from our Loyalty Rewards Booster Program.

New members can try out the program in March by setting up a Loyalty Rewards template and ordering 100PV or more on Loyalty Rewards. They can then claim 30% of their order PV value back in product points.

If they continue to order 100PV or more on their LRP template in April and May, new members also become top tier Connoisseur level members for life*.

Special Offer for Brand New Enrollees

Have you helped someone enrol as a wholesale customer in March? Or, are you a new enrollee yourself?

Our Loyalty Rewards Program is ideal to help brand new enrollees live the benefits of our products by giving them the wellness support they need, when they need it.

So, we’ve got a special offer to encourage brand new enrollees to join our Loyalty Rewards Program.

When you place a 100PV or more enrolment order in March, you can accelerate to the top tier of our Loyalty Rewards Membership Tier (and start earning the highest reward structure) by placing only two consecutive LRP orders of 100PV+ (instead of three) in April and May.

*Some conditions apply. See promotion T&Cs for full details.

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