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Facial Cleanser Product Description
One major key to healthy skin is keeping the skin clean, day and night. While there are plenty of skin-cleansing products on the market, a pure, natural facial cleanser allows you to avoid any questionable ingredients that might be harsh on the skin. The doTERRA Facial Cleanser uses the purifying properties of essential oils to cleanse and tone the skin. Working with other natural ingredients, these essential oils can help you maintain clean skin morning and night—contributing to a clear, healthy-looking complexion.

Where to Buy Facial Cleanser
Want to buy your own doTERRA Facial Cleanser? Visit the Facial Cleanser product information page to learn more about ordering. Using products like the doTERRA Facial Cleanser will allow you to incorporate essential oils into your daily skin care routine. For hundreds of years, people have used essential oils for skin due to their cleansing, soothing, and rejuvenating nature. The Facial Cleanser and other products in the Essential Skin Care System use CPTG Certified® essential oils to cleanse and nourish the skin and promote a pure complexion. 

Try using the doTERRA Facial Cleanser with other Essential Skin Care System products like the Pore Reducing Toner, Anti-Aging Moisturizer, Hydrating Cream, Invigorating Scrub, or Tightening Serum. Each of these products uses high quality, CPTG® essential oils to help you maintain healthy-looking skin.

Facial Cleanser Uses and Benefits

  1. If you want to start and end your day with clean skin, the doTERRA Facial Cleanser can help to wash away impurities, giving you a clean, pure complexion. Whether you want to start the day with a fresh face, wash away makeup, or get rid of dirt and grime, the Facial Cleanser will leave your skin looking and feeling extremely clean. With a formula designed to wipe away impurities, you’ll be able to enjoy the refreshing feeling of clean skin, day and night. 
  2. Among several ingredients, the Facial Cleanser formula includes natural extracts that can help to cleanse and soothe the skin. Things like environmental elements, weather, and daily tasks can leave the skin feeling dull or dirty, but the natural ingredients extracts in the Facial Cleanser help keep the skin looking healthy and vibrant. For example, Yucca Root extract and Soapbark extract are rich in natural cleansers (called saponins) that can help clarify the skin and keep it feeling smooth. By using the doTERRA Facial Cleanser every day, you can maintain vibrant-looking skin and protect your complexion from the elements. 
  3. In addition to helpful extracts, the Facial Cleanser includes powerful essential oils like Melaleuca oil that contain purifying chemical components. Because Melaleuca oil contains cleansing chemical components, it is very useful for purifying and beautifying the skin. The doTERRA Facial Cleanser formula also contains Peppermint essential oil, which is both cooling and invigorating for the skin. As you use the Facial Cleanser, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of these essential oils, and simultaneously experience the powerful aroma that the oils give off as you use the product on your skin. 
  4. The Facial Cleanser is designed to be used daily, morning and night, to help keep the skin clean and pure. By using this product when you start your day in the morning, you can help wash away any oil or impurities that have gathered on the skin while you were sleeping—keeping the face fresh throughout the day. After a long day, plenty of dirt, grime, makeup, and unwanted oil will have gathered on the skin, and using the Facial Cleanser before going to bed will help you maintain a clear, smooth complexion over time. Incorporating the Facial Cleanser and other products from the Essential Skin Care System into your daily and nightly skin care routine will help to get rid of impurities and promote clear skin.  
  5. Along with pure, CPTG® essential oils and natural extracts, other ingredients in the Facial Cleanser formula help to condition and soothe the skin. Because the skin on the face can often be sensitive, there are some facial cleansers that are too harsh on the skin, and can even dry the skin out. The Facial Cleanser includes gentle, natural ingredients, which help to condition the skin, rather than damaging or drying out the complexion. 

Key Ingredients

Melaleuca: Frequently used in skin care products, Melaleuca oil has purifying qualities that make it useful for cleansing the skin.

Vitamin E: Known to promote healthy-looking skin, Vitamin E is an integral part of the Facial Cleanser formula. 

Macadamia nut oil: Helping to condition the skin, Macadamia nut oil helps make the Facial Cleanser formula soft and gentle.  

Peppermint: With a fresh, invigorating aroma, the addition of Peppermint oil makes the doTERRA Facial Cleanser refreshing for the skin. 

Sodium PCA: Taken from proline, a natural amino acid, Sodium PCA helps the skin to retain its natural moisture by acting as a humectant. 

Yucca Root and Soapbark extract: These extracts are rich in natural cleansers that are useful for clarifying and soothing the skin.  

How to Use Facial Cleanser
Place a small amount of Facial Cleanser in the hand and apply to a dry face and neck, rubbing the cleanser in a circular motion. Rinse the face and neck with warm water and towel dry. 

For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.

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