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Black Pepper is a unique essential oil. With a chemical makeup including rich concentrations of caryophyllene and limonene, its breadth of benefits extends well past its ability to enhance the flavor of various foods. It has been extensively studied for its benefits when consumed, including previous research examining its ability to promote healthy circulation, assist with digestion, and provide powerful antioxidant support, but there has been limited investigation of its biological activities in human cells.* A recently published study conducted by dōTERRA scientists suggests that CPTG® Black Pepper may also be effective in supporting proper inflammatory and healthy metabolic processes.

Using the BioMAP® HDF3CGF system, which doTERRA scientists have used previously to examine the activity of several CPTG essential oils in human dermal fibroblasts, Black Pepper was analyzed for its influence on the levels of 17 important protein biomarkers and regulation of global gene expression1. Similar to previous research that examined constituents caryophyllene and limonene in isolation, Black Pepper was found to have an inhibitory effect on collagen production, suggesting it may have potential to aid in a variety of healthy inflammatory processes. Furthermore, Black Pepper exhibited robust modulation of signaling pathways involved in metabolism and cellular health. While further research needs to be conducted, these findings suggest that Black Pepper essential oil may have a variety of uses in topical application models that have yet to be explored, including tissue remodeling.

Once again, doTERRA continues to be at the forefront of essential oil science, providing the first peer-reviewed study to evaluate the biological activity of Black Pepper essential oil in human skin cells. Expect future research to provide additional information on how the purest and most potent CPTG Black Pepper essential oil can be used to promote lifelong health and vitality.


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