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“People love to talk about four things: their health, finances, emotional wellbeing, and relationships. As a Wellness Advocate, my job is simple. All I need to do is stop, listen, and build a relationship. It’s the easiest job I’ve ever had.”—Kacie Vaudrey

Skill Building:

  • When talking on the phone, stand up, smile, and be enthusiastic, even though the other person cannot see you. This helps you feel confident and they will hear the smile in your voice.
  • Your objective at this stage is to contact the people on your list, not make them buy. Do not try to sell products. Sell the class or one-on-one.
  • Always have at least two classes or presentations on your calendar for invitees to choose between.
  • Stay positive and don't worry about the outcome. People often say no several times before saying yes, so keep building the relationship.
  • Some people will say yes, some will say no, and some will go either way depending on how you approach them. Take notes on what works for you.


"Hi, how are you? Do you have a second? Great, I have just a second myself. I’ve been learning about essential oils and they are making a huge difference for me and my family. We use them for everything: sleep, more energy, immune boosting, non-toxic cleaning—you name it! I know at your house you have struggled with (e.g. seasonal challenges, head tension) and I thought of you! I am hosting a short health class with an expert teaching about and I'd love for you to be my personal guest. It’s at my house Thursday at 7:00, or we can get together for lunch next Monday. What works best for you?"

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How Well Do You Invite?

Rate yourself from 1–10 on how confident you feel, 10 being very confident.

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