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The Close

“At the beginning, I promised to show you how to get these oils into your home. Let's go over your options." Tell them about membership options.

Option One

“Now I am going to show you the two most popular kits to get you started. This is the Home Essentials Kit, which comes with the top 10 oils, many of which we just talked about. It also includes a lovely diffuser for only $275. The big favorite however, is the Natural Solutions Kit. It literally comes with everything you see in the bathroom cabinet (turn back the page and point). It is truly a lifestyle kit, covering all three basic areas of interest: being prepared, self-care, and daily health habits. It comes with our finest diffuser, a box to store your oils in, and after placing your first Loyalty Rewards order, you automatically have 100 free points to use on some new favorite products to try. And bonus! You fast track yourself to the 15 percent level for your Loyalty Rewards Points. You can see why this is our favorite kit!”

Option Two

“This is the Family Essentials Kit. More of a sample or travel size kit with 85 drops per bottle and its $150. The Home Essentials Kit has the same oils but with 250 drops per bottle and a diffuser for only $275. That's triple the amount of oils for less than twice the money. Both kits come with Frankincense, which retails for $90.67 a bottle.”

Next Steps

  • Mention any enrollment special and how to qualify to receive it. Be clear and concise. 
  • Let them know they can add single items for specific priorities. Have a reference guide available for them to look things up.
  • Remind them they can earn a free gift for enrolling today.

Choose the kit that’s best for you and your family.  

  • Invite them to turn to the enrollment forms, explain Wholesale Customer vs. Wellness Advocate, instruct on how to fill theirs out.

"Enjoy the essential oil-infused refreshments. If you have any questions, __________ (host) and I can help answer them now."

Enrolling Tips

  • Encourage prospects to purchase a kit so they have multiple products on hand, not just one or two things. 
  • Share what you love about the kit you feel is best for them. 
  • Connect everything back to their health priorities and how the kits are designed to provide specific support. 
  • The confused mind says no. Avoid showing an excess number of items. Show a few, offer a special, and keep it simple. 
  • Enroll most everyone as a Wholesale Customer. Enroll those who want to share or build as a Wellness Advocate.

Overcoming Objections

  • Not sure what kit to order: “What are you working on?” Look over their health priorities; invite them to find solutions in a reference guide. “What kit would best meet your needs?” Offer your suggestions. “If I were you, I would...” 
  • Not sure which membership: “What factors are you considering?” Listen and address their desires or concerns. Offer suggestions. 
  • Financial concerns: “Would you like to host a class so you can earn the money to get the kit you really want?” 
  • Not sure where to start: “Would it serve you best to choose a couple oils to address a health priority and then, with experience, you can better choose your kit in a week?”

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