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Convention is Europe's biggest event of the year where we recognise some of doTERRA’s programmes including Diamond Club, Founders Club and Silver, Gold and Platinum rank advancers.

Qualification Criteria

To be included in all Recognition activities, Convention tickets must be purchased by 28 April 2024. Recognition is based on the highest rank ever achieved. This applies to:

  • Recognition rank ribbons
  • The Leader Board

Diamond+ Recognition:

  • Diamonds and above must reach the rank of Diamond at least once from April 2023 – March 2024

Recognition Stage Walks:

  • Silvers and above must have rank advanced between April 2023 - March 2024.*
  • Founders will be recognised from 2023
  • Diamond Club winners will be recognisied from Spring and Autumn 2023
  • Diamond Club graduates will be recognised from Spring and Autumn 2023

*Diamond and above rank advancers will be recognised on stage during general sessions starting from 2023 Convention.


Closer to the event, communications will be sent out by the Europe Recognition Team to all walking qualifiers and reserved seating qualifiers. This will include meeting points and timings.

The Leader Board features Diamonds and above.

Depending on rank, the Leader Board displays photos and names or names only.

Photos & Names Displayed

  • Blue Diamonds and above

Only Names Displayed

  • Diamonds

Qualification Criteria

The Leader Board is based on the highest rank achieved. International leaders are included based on event registrations up until 28 April 2024.

leader boad image
Convention ticket holders receive ribbons depending on the individual's accomplishments in 2023/2024. This could include Diamond Club, Founders Club, Legacy Trip and more. Ribbons can be attached to the bottom of your event badge connected to your lanyard.

Qualification Criteria

  • Top Enroller - You are in the top 200 enrollers in the whole of Europe from April 2023 – March 2024
  • Founders Club - You qualified as a Founder Europe in 2023.
  • Legacy Trip Winner - You qualified to attend a Legacy Trip from January 2023 – December 2023.
  • 10+ Years with doTERRA - You have been with doTERRA for 10 years or more up until March 2024.
  • 5+ Years with doTERRA - You have been with doTERRA between 5-9 years up until March 2024.
  • New Rank Achieved - You achieved a rank of Silver or above April 2023 – March 2024.
  • Rank Ribbons - You have reached a rank of Silver or above. Based on the highest rank ever achieved.
  • Diamond Club Graduate - You graduated from Diamond Club in either Spring or Autumn 2023.
  • Diamond Club Sponsor - You sponsored someone in Diamond Club in Spring or Autumn 2023. If you have sponsored multiple members, you will only receive one ribbon.
  • Diamond Club Trip Winner - You qualified for a Diamond Club trip in 2023.
  • Diamond Club Winner - You were a winner of Diamond Club in either Spring or Autumn 2023.

If you've received an incorrect ribbon or are missing a ribbon, visit the help desk onsite located in the registration area.

ribbon 1 image
ribbon 2 image

Diamonds and above receive reserved seating and snack boxes in the general session at Convention. Each account qualifies for two reserved seats. The second seat may be taken by a guest of your choosing. Children are also permitted in the reserved seating area, as long as a relevant event ticket has been purchased for them.

The following ranks qualify for reserved seats:

  • Diamonds
  • Blue Diamonds
  • Presidential Diamonds
  • Double Diamonds
  • Double Blue Diamonds
  • Double Presidential Diamonds

Reserved seats may also apply to these groups:

  • Attendees needing disabled access
  • Sign language interpreters and attendees who are hearing impaired
  • Corporate/event staff
  • Event speakers

To enter the reserved seating area, you must ensure you have checked in at the Diamond+ registration desk in the registration area. Here you will collect your Diamond+ lanyard which gives you access to your seat. Guests must also wear a Diamond lanyard to access the reserved seating area, even if they are not a Diamond. Their lanyard must be collected by the qualified account holder from the Diamond+ registration desk. An exclusive VIP entrance to the reserved seating area may also be available to Diamonds and their guests. The entrance to the reserved seating area will be confirmed via email at least one week before the event.

Qualification Criteria

To qualify for reserved seating for Diamonds and above, you must reach the rank of Diamond at least once from April 2023 – March 2024. Once you have qualified for reserved seating, you will sit at your highest rank achieved.

Example: If your maximum rank is Diamond but you have only reached the rank of Gold in the qualification period, then you will not qualify for the reserved seating area.


New Silver and above rank advancers are awarded trophies in person at Convention, during the onstage recognition. If you reached multiple new ranks during the qualification period, you will walk the stage at Convention for the highest rank achieved.

Any Silvers and above who rank advanced prior to April 2023 can pick up their trophies from the Recognition Collection Point. Collection is only available for those who have not already received/collected their trophy previously.

Onstage Qualification Criteria

If you reach a new rank of Silver – Platinum from April 2023 – March 2024, you have the opportunity to collect your trophy and walk on stage at Convention.

If you have qualified to receive a trophy but are unable to attend the event, please provide your full name, the rank trophy you have qualified for, your shipping address and ID Number to eurecognition@doterra.com so that we can send your trophy to your home address.

Please note when requesting to have your trophy shipped, you will forfeit your chance to walk on stage.

Silver Trophy image
Silver Trophy
Gold Trophy image
Gold Trophy
Platinum Trophy image
Platinum Trophy
All 3 Trophies
All Trophies

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