8–12 July 2024 | Denizli, Turkey | Uleiuri esențiale dōTERRA" /> 8–12 July 2024 | Denizli, Turkey | Uleiuri esențiale dōTERRA" />

Blue Diamond and Presidential Diamond Summit 2024
8–12 July 2024 | Denizli, Turkey

By invitation only.

A Sparkling Event

In the company of your fellow Blue and Presidential Diamonds, this event will celebrate your success, nurture your connections, and help you dazzle like the Diamonds you are. Combining the warmth of our dōTERRA family with a Middle Eastern adventure, this trip is a unique experience that is sure to brighten your present and your future.

Where You'll Stay

The Doğa Thermal Health & Spa Hotel combines luxury with nature-based wellness. Wherever you look, you will find peace, tranquillity and a deep-rooted gratitude for the earth, making this resort the perfect place to align with doTERRA's legacy.
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Denizli, Turkey

Hot sun, flavourful cuisine and a culture that's proud of its heritage... In 2024, the popular tourist destination of Denizli will host our wonderful event. Denizli is a small city in Turkey's Aegean Region and is renowned for its textile industry. Within the region, you will stay in the picturesque Pamukkale, where beautiful scenery attracts millions of visitors every year.


An Event to Remember

Our Blue and Presidential Diamonds are very important to us - you dedicate your time to sharing and growing your teams with passion. To reflect your success, we have some very special plans...

Time to Connect

With designated time set aside for meetings and meals in the hotel and other cultural spaces, let's ask questions, learn from one another and associate this beautiful country with success.


dōTERRA Healing Hands™ At Work...

See first-hand how you're helping educate children with a visit to one of our doTERRA Healing Hands projects at a local school.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Optional activity
Take in the breathtaking scenery of this stunning country from the sky...

History and Thermal Pools

Walk through history in the ancient city of Hierapolis and relax in the natural thermal pools at the Travertines of Pamukkale.


Arriving in Denizli

To ensure your travel experience is as smooth as possible, we recommend reaching the hotel on the morning of Monday 8 July 2024. You can also choose to arrive on Sunday 7 July to allow even more time, however please note additional overnight accommodation is not included and must be arranged yourself.

Qualification Criteria

To qualify for this trip, you must have achieved Blue Diamond or Presidential Diamond a minimum of 4 times or rank advanced to a new Blue Diamond or Presidential Diamond during the qualification period.

1 January – 31 December 2023


The easiest way to reach Denizli is by arriving at Denizli Çardak Airport, which is approximately a 1.5 hour flight from Istanbul Airport. Istanbul Airport has a variety of direct flight options available across Europe.

As soon as you've been invited to this event and registered your place, we suggest booking your journey as soon as you can! Flights to Denizli Çardak Airport are limited each day, so be sure to plan ahead as you don't want to miss a minute of our event.

What's Included?
  • Overnight hotel accommodation. Check-in 8 July, check-out 12 July.
  • Welcome dinner, farewell dinner and other specified group meals.
  • Specified activities and excursions.
  • Planned summit meetings with members of the Corporate team.
  • Transfers to and from Denizli Çardak Airport on the specified travel dates of 8 and 12 July.
What's Not Included?
  • Flights to and from Istanbul Airport and Denizli Çardak Airport.
  • Personal/non-group activities outside of the agenda.
  • Any additional meals, snacks or beverages outside of specified doTERRA meals/activities.
  • Transfers to and from Denzili Cardak Airport on dates outside of 8 and 12 July.

We would like to invite yourself and a guest to this wonderful experience. If you wish to bring a guest, please note they must be an immediate family member or a co-applicant.

Terms and Conditions

  • Acceptance of the trip will be required within the stated registration period in order to redeem the prize.
  • Any upgrade requests and changes to the original booking will be administered and paid for by the winner.
  • The trip is not transferable, not otherwise redeemable, has no cash value and must be accepted as awarded.
  • Each dōTERRA Wellness Advocate must be active and in compliance with his or her applicable dōTERRA Wellness Advocate Terms and Conditions (Agreement) and the Policy Manual during the qualification period in order to qualify for and receive the trip reward.
  • dōTERRA reserves the right to audit, adjust or deny any volume, compensations, recognition or other rewards earned during or as a result of the trip, to ensure the spirit of the trip is achieved. Wellness Advocates may be immediately disqualified from trips if dōTERRA determines in its sole discretion a violation has occurred.  Violations may include, but not be limited to: modification, fraud, compliance issues, or bonus buying.
  • dōTERRA reserves the right to disqualify any Wellness Advocate at any given time for violation of the Terms & Conditions of the trip.

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