Account Termination (Cancellation)

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You may request to terminate your doTERRA Contract at any time and for any reason. To do so, you just need to send a completed Voluntary Termination Form to doTERRA Europe's Placements team at

Terminating Your Account

To terminate your account, please complete a Voluntary Termination Form and email a copy to from the same email address you use with doTERRA.

This form can be obtained by emailing

Temporary Suspension Status

When you send in a Voluntary Termination Form, your account is placed in a temporary suspension status for a period of 12 months from the date of last activity*. After this period, the account will be automatically terminated and removed from the organisation structure.

*Last activity includes, but is not limited to, any activity directly on the account or other accounts, such as purchasing product, enrolling new Wellness Advocates or Wholesale Customers, earning commissions, or any sharing of the company or its products.


If you terminate your account, you must wait six months (if Premier rank or lower) or 12 months (if Silver rank or higher) from the date of last activity to reactivate your account.

For information on how to reactivate, please see Account Reactivations.

Roll-Up of Downline

During the temporary suspension period there is no "roll-up" of the downline; this will not happen until the termination process is completed. However, dynamic compression in the Sales Compensation Plan will ensure that any volume below the suspended account will roll-up and be paid out to qualifying upline members.

After six months from the date of last activity, a request can be submitted to for a suspended account to be terminated, at which point the downline will roll up.

For more information on how to submit an Account Termination form, see the Account Termination flyer.

This information is provided in summary form for the convenience of the reader. To the extent it conflicts with the Wholesale Customer Agreement, or the Wellness Advocate Agreement and doTERRA Policy Manual (collectively, "the Agreement"), the Agreement is controlling.

Contact Europe Member Services

Contact the Placements Team

If you are struggling to complete a request or have any additional questions, our Placements Team can be contacted at our Leaders ranked Silver or above can also click here to contact our Account Managers.

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