Rising Leader-kampanje


Det har aldri vært mer attraktivt å utvikle en dōTERRA-forretning! Uansett hvilken situasjon du befinner deg i, eller hvilke langsiktige forretningsmål eller personlige drømmer du har, kan denne kampanjen hjelpe deg med å gi forretningen et løft.


Istvan Seres

Platinum from Hungary

‘We were delighted with the Rising Leader bonus, it's fantastic how doTERRA is able to help people. The incentive could not have arrived at a better time since we had reached the rank of Gold for months and it kept growing. To reach Platinum rank, we had to organise the team better and work more closely with the Leaders. We were able to achieve this bonus by helping our team members qualify for Silver. Double win! We still need to focus on our Power of Three structure, but the Rising Leader bonus came just in time. It increased our commission by about 30%. Thank you very much!’

Andra Younes

Gold from Romania

‘The Rising Leader incentive provided me with motivation to finally move up in rank! I had reached the rank of Silver for a while, and this promotion was the boost I needed. It was a very important opportunity, both for me and for the Elites in my team, who now had the chance to have a stable income in the coming months. This promotion gives me a chance to take some time and fine tune my structure. I will continue to work on my rank, and aim to reach the Power of Three bonus, even after the promotion ends. Even the determined and ambitious Premiers in my team saw an opportunity with this promotion. Together we will try to maintain it and even surpass it!’

Ramona & Razvan Andreescu

Golds from Romania

‘We’ve made it our life's purpose to help other people and doTERRA makes that dream a reality. The pleasure of seeing people's faces after using doTERRA products is unparalleled. With the unconditional support of our mentors, Simona Darabant and Dan Oros, we have a growth strategy for 2022-2023. With the Rising Leader promotion, the bonus plan made us even more focused on supporting ourselves and our team. We sowed the seeds of growth every day and we will keep going, helping our downline Leaders to benefit from this promotion. Thank you doTERRA, our uplines, the Corporate team, and our team for these truly eye-opening experiences!’

Petra Szabo

Gold from Romania

‘Having reached Gold for the first time, this promotion is an excellent opportunity for me. Personally, it has helped me to maintain my Gold rank, even though I had not managed to reach The Power of Three. It's a great incentive where you will be rewarded for your hard work! It’s even more helpful for my Premiers and future Silvers. The fixed bonus is also an incentive to work harder. My upline helped me the most with advice and guidance to be able to boost my team. I am confident in the products and my upline and I will work harder and develop the team more and more. I am in love with the doTERRA way of life.’

Viviane Köhler

Silver from Germany

‘The Rising Leader campaign came exactly at the right time for me. I´m currently in a phase where I gave up my job as an employee, in order to be able to fully dedicate myself and my work to the business of my heart, and that is my doTERRA business. In November and December, I reached the rank of Silver and will also give everything I can in the next months to maintain and expand this rank. With this promotion, I can plan the start of my self-employment with financial safety and concentrate on consulting with my clients. Thank you, doTERRA, for this wonderful support!’

Xenia Siegler

Premier from Germany

‘I intentionally chose the Rising Leader promotion to dive even deeper into the doTERRA business. Reaching and maintaining the next rank has given me tremendous motivation and strength. This promotion has helped me define long-term business goals and personal dreams!’

Daniela Oprea

Premier from Romania

I am delighted to reach the rank of Premier. With my uplines, we are growing a beautiful team in Brasov with extraordinary, positive people; we learn and develop skills that produce results for us and those around us. When the Rising Leader promotion was announced, all that I had envisioned came together. Looking back, each month got easier and now we work towards Silver and hope to reach Gold by the end of 2023. The bonus I received is an additional income for me. I aim to dedicate 100% of myself to this wonderful project, to reach freedom in every way. Thank you gratefully, doTERRA! 

Lacramioara Covasa

Premier from Romania

‘I took on the challenge of qualifying for the Rising Leader promotion because I am a big lover of oils and everything this company produces. The many experiences I've had with oils helped me share them from my heart with as many people as possible. Here I am now, already in my third confirmed Premier month. The bonus I received brings great joy because it is the fruit of my hard work and commitment. The very fact that the promotion is only for a limited period is what motivates me to take action. Thank you for this initiative and all that doTERRA has brought to me so far.’

Diana Marica

Premier from Romania

‘In September, I had two options: either move forward and grow my doTERRA team or look for another avenue. When I heard about this promotion, I took it as a sign, and it motivated me. In October, my full focus was on the team, growth, development and sharing to change the lives of as many people as possible. I would like to thank my team for their support, for trusting me, for being open and for allowing themselves to be coached. Together we achieved beautiful results and at the end of October, I became Premier. In November I qualified again. This meant a lot to me, and I am grateful and motivated to reach the next bonus. Thank you doTERRA for the opportunity!’

Noemi Hajnal Dragos

Premier from Romania

'My upline’s encouraging words and advice helped me achieve my goal to become a Rising Leader. Sharing my experiences with essential oils helps me grow at doTERRA. The biggest help is the relationship between me, my upline and my team members. The Rising Leader bonus is so appealing. In the first month, I wanted to work harder than the commission I received for the Premier rank; it feels so rewarding to achieve. Now it looks like I can plan my holidays this year with my family, with the money earned from this promotion. Thanks to Malina for all the support and help and to the doTERRA team, for taking care of us, all the time.’

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