2022 Hong Kong Silver Club


Welcome to the 2022 Hong Kong Silver Club! This contest is tailor-made target at our Hong Kong Wellness Advocates ranked from Consultant to Silver. By participating in this event, you will learn the habits and mindsets critical to success, build momentum and energy as you elevate yourself to new levels.


Program Schedule

Registration Period

  1st to 30th September 2022

  Qualification Period

  1st October to 31st December 2022


  Who can join  

Anyone who reached less than 2 times of Silver rank or above from Jan 2022– Jun 2022.

Anyone who self enrolled a new member with 100PV or above.



Hong Kong/Macau Members


 Monthly Rewards

  Players can win 50 point every month during October to December when they fulfill the monthly activities requirement

  The Best Player

Highest Scorer: SWAG + 150 points
Second High Scorer: SWAG + 100 points

Players Achieve 21 points: SWAG

  Rank Up Reward


HK$ 10,000 Sponsorship for 2023 Convention




Monthly Reward

 1. 4 new enrollment in the group. 1 of the enrollment is direct enrolled by the player in each month of October - December
 * Only HK/Macau enrollments will be counted. 
2.  Organise at least 1 oil party in each month of October - December
3.  Player need to totally enroll 3 new members (at least 100 pv) in October - December

  The Best Player

The highest scorer at the end of the program 1 point: New Group Enrollment 100 - 124PV
3 points: New Group Enrollment 125 -199 PV
6 points: New Group Enrollment 200 + PV
4 extra points: New personal enrollments 125+ PV

  Rank Up Reward

  Achieve new Silver or above at least 2 months in October - December


Overseas Member


  Overseas Player Reward

10 or more new members:
+ 200 points 
5 new members:
+ 80 points


3 new members:
+ 50 points




Overseas Player Reward

 1.    Overseas members need to register Silver Club in September.
 2.    Players need to enroll at least 3 Hong Kong / Macau members (at least 100PV) within October to December.
 3.   Rewards Levels:
       a) 3 new members
       b) 5 new members
       c) 10 or more new members


Terms & Conditions:: 

  1. HK/Macau or Overseas Wellness Advocates are welcome to join.
  2. Registration is required.
  3. Result will be announced at official Facebook & website in Jan 2023.
  4. HK/Macau Awardee will be notified in person. Gifts can be collected at WILL CALL within 3 months.
  5. Company reserves the right to withdraw the equivalent amount of award in case of returns on first purchase/LRP orders.
  6. In any case of disputes, doTERRA Hong Kong decision will be final.


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