Hong Kong BOGO

THANK YOU for joining us at July BOGO!

We hope you have enjoyed this online BOGO shopping experience for the very first time. Your support and satisfaction matters that keep us moving forward and improvements!

Friendly reminders:

1.    All Group Orders will be delivered from early August and you will receive email with your tracking number  by then.

2.    For Single Orders, you can check your order delivery status via Tracking - V-Logic Portal (please enter DT plus your 8-digit Order number) e.g. DT97654321.

3.    All BOGO parcels will be sealed with “dōTERRA” duct tape. Please check whether the parcels have been opened by any third parties. 

4.    For order details please visit your EVO. 

See you at next BOGO!

Pick-up and Delivery Arrangement and Fare

1. Will Call Pickup (Only for Hong Kong members)

If Hong Kong member who wants to pick up the Local Market order(s) at Will Call, please pick it up within 20 days upon the completion of orders, otherwise, the Company will issue the shipment of the order(s) to the default delivery address. Delivery rate will according to our standard local delivery service charge and to be paid by purchaser via credit cards or AR account. Details please refer to our Policy Manual page 6 Section 5 clause G.


2. Delivery Charge

  • All BOGO orders only can be delivered to Hong Kong and Macau.
  • Delivery Charges: 
BOGO Order Price Charge (Only available for HK & Macau)
HK$1,200 or above Free
HK$1,199 or below HK$30 per order


3. Delivery Time and Arrangement

 a) Single Order Delivery

During BOGO promotion, the delivery will be issued 2 days from the day of order. The delivery time for Hong Kong Remote Areas and Macau will be 3-5 days.

b) Group Delivery

  • There is an option for group delivery during BOGO promotions, allowing members to group their BOGO orders together and send to a designated address at the same time. (Notes: Group Delivery is only available to orders from the same account and the fare will not be accumulated as Bonus for product discounts.)
  • Click “Group Delivery” before Check Out. Once the order is done, the delivery arrangement cannot be changed or altered.
  • Orders under Group Delivery will be sent to the same address. If one of the orders meets the requirements of free delivery, there will be no charge for whole delivery.
  • If there are more than one delivery addresses are found onto the Group Orders, the Company will deliver the Group Orders to the address of the latest awaiting order by default.
  • All Group Orders will be delivered after this BOGO promotion from early August.
  • Due to the high number of orders during the BOGO Event, the change of delivery address service will not be available during the event. Because of the current COVID-19 situation, there may be no delivery to the buildings in which confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection.
  • To protect the interests of customers and the Company, all BOGO packages will be sealed with “dōTERRA” duct tape. Once received the package, please check it whether has been opened by any third parties and the Company holds no responsibility for any missing or damaged items from parcels that had been opened by third parties during the delivery.


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