Class Ideas from A to Z: New Wellness Advocate Class

Once you have enrolled someone and they have received their oils, make sure to meet with them again. This can be in a one-on-one situation or in a group. This class will be mostly focused on their needs as they are brand new to doTERRA, and simply learning the ropes. Because you will be communicating with them about their future with doTERRA, note that this class is important to hold before the 14-day placement deadline.

Here are some things to address (in no particular order):
  1. Find out if they have any questions about the oils. Many times people are excited to receive their oils, and then they have no idea what to do with them. During this time you can give them more helpful information for their specific situation, as well as resources such as the Product Information Pages and the doTERRA International Facebook page and Empowered Success.

  2. Share with them more information and details about the LRP program. Even if they haven’t enrolled in it yet, make sure to go over the details and explain that once their first 60 days are up they will then receive points for free product.

    For more LRP information:

  3. Ask about where they see themselves in doTERRA in the next few months or years. You can approach it by telling them that there are three different types of people in doTERRA: users, sharers, and builders. Define those roles clearly (if you need help see our post about it here) and if you haven’t yet talked to them about the business opportunity, ask if they are interested in creating a business with doTERRA. This will help you determine where to place them on your team.

  4. Show them and briefly go over all the resources on the site, including the blogs, Q&A pages, doTERRA University, etc. You may want to go over the doTERRA Business Lingo post to help them understand commonly used terms in the community. Most of all remember to relax and have fun getting to know your new Wellness Advocate better. This can be as informal of a class as you like, and will be a great stepping-stone to keep building this relationship in the coming months.

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