Share From the Heart

Sabine Buchner & Mario Jölly


When the essential oils Sabine Buchner already had were not helping her dog, she searched online for answers and found out about doTERRA. She thought she would give it a try and bought a kit. At the time, she and Mario Jölly had only been together for two months. Sabine was very impressed with how well the doTERRA essential oils worked, but Mario was skeptical. Mario had worked a direct sales business before, and had lost everything because of it—his house, his cars, his money, and his wife. He never wanted to do another business like that again. Sabine saw a lot of potential in the business aspect of doTERRA, but she didn’t know what to do and thought it would be too difficult to be successful.

Then Lil Shepherd, a Blue Diamond, came to Austria, and Mario and Sabine were both were very impressed with how normal and grounded she was. They say, “With her support, we realized this company was totally different from all the others. In this company, the humans count and the products work. There is no need to be a hard seller, we can just share the products from our hearts, as we saw Lil and many others do.” They decided to become involved in the business because of these good experiences.
Lil has continued to be a strong support for them. They say, “She always believed in us. She taught us to take responsibility for our business, always sharing from the heart. She taught us to see chances and possibilities rather than problems. She was there for us in our hardest times, and she taught us that you can give up, but only on a good day—so we always continued.” 
Mario and Sabine decided to work toward Diamond to be able to empower as many people as possible—especially their own leaders. 


They say, “We had to stop thinking we were responsible for everything. We had to give our leaders back the responsibility. We realized that we could not do the work for our leaders, and we had to work with people who wanted to achieve their goals and are grateful for our support.”
doTERRA was the biggest chance Mario and Sabine had for success, and through it they’ve been able to create a good life for themselves and for others. Sabine is able to stay at home and take care of their new baby girl, after not being able to get pregnant for a long time. They say, “We no longer have to fight for financial survival. After three years of hard work, we can enjoy our family life.”

Caring For Others

Don’t pressure people, just care for them. Ask questions, listen, and respond. Be really interested in people and find out how you can support them best.

Build trust with people. You can sell someone aggressively very fast, but that person will not stay long. If you let them try the products on their own, give them time, and follow up— they might stay forever.

Contact your team on a regular basis and support them with mentoring, classes, and training. Find out their why and their dreams and help them reach their goals.

Talk with your team about their successes, failures, and challenges of the past, and their plans, challenges, and goals for the future.

Always help your leaders find the positive in any experience. Clarify their goals and the steps to get there.

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