Congratulations on Reaching Diamond

Monika Batkova & Martina Valnickova

“I am proud of every single person who decides to trust nature and see for themselves what a miracle these oils are.”

THINK LIKE A DIAMOND. “At first, I thought I just had to do everything I needed to achieve Diamond, but I had not made the decision to be one and feel like one in my very soul. Once I realized that, it was about six months before we reached Diamond.”
PROVIDE TOOLS. “We did a lot of promotions that helped people learn about the oils and then helped them to share, do classes, and grow. We prepared the means for them to learn by constantly translating articles and creating Slovak versions of websites.”
FIND INSPIRATION. “Talk to all types of Diamonds. Share your visions and dreams with corporate leaders. Read Leadership magazines, attend events, read lots of personal development books. Stick to your daily tasks. Find your inspiration every day.”
SUPPORT YOUR TEAM. “Provide education and inspiration to your team. Celebrate and honor their achievements, serve them, and let them know you are there for them no matter what. Let them make their own decisions and walk their own way.”
BELIEVE. “There is no magic to it. You just have to believe and act upon that faith. Some things work, some don’t, but this is experience. There is no other way. These are good foundations, and when the hard times come, you can build upon these solid rocks.”

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