Swept Away

Magali Sermondade

“Never give up. Always believe you can reach Diamond. Continue to personally enroll people. Keep that energy that makes you want to share what you love.”

Having a supportive team is also important at home. Magali and her husband work together to raise their two young children. Her husband is always supportive, watching the children while Magali hosts classes and other dōTERRA events. Her family loves the products. Her children are always asking, “Is there an oil for that?” Balancing her time between family and work isn’t always easy,” she says, “ but I plan my schedule so I have time to make my calls and do my follow-ups when they are at school and in the evenings when my husband is back home. I don’t do any work from home when they are with me. dōTERRA is a school of life. I have learned to be 100 percent present for my family when I am with them.”

Magali is grateful for the opportunity that dōTERRA has given her to provide for her family. She loves sharing essential oils and other products with everyone because she truly believes in them. She is eager to continue her personal development, alongside her business development.


Words of Wisdom

Share With Your Heart

I talk about my personal experiences with oils with my heart and passion. The most important thing is to talk about oils—open your mouth as soon as the opportunity presents itself. I sincerely believe that essential oils can help everyone.

Find the Right People for Your Team

My team and my leaders always encourage me to continue to build my business. Having their support guides me in the right direction. Communicate with your team at least once a week. 

Take Care of Yourself, Then Others

Now that I am a Diamond, I understand how important self-care is. Before, I gave everything I had, and sometimes forgot to take time for myself and to spend quality time with my family. Now that I am the priority, I take time for myself and can be more available for my family, friends, and team.

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