A Mission for Good

 Sabine & Harold Jahn 

Harald and Sabine Jahn never imagined from their first introduction to doTERRA essential oils that they would one day be building their own doTERRA business, much less achieving the rank of Diamond. When Sabine was introduced to the oils at a seminar, she was immediately drawn to them. She recalls, “The first impression was surprising—they were different from the oils I had tried before.” However, because of time restraints, it was several months before she was able to enroll.


Once she enrolled, Sabine still needed to convince Harald that the oils were effective. Sabine explains, “Harald was very skeptical at first. It was incomprehensible to him how the oils worked. After his first experience with them, however, he was convinced. Several other experiences helped him overcome his doubts and strengthened my conviction that the oils are pure and natural.”

Even after both Sabine and Harald were committed to using the products, they were not interested in the business opportunity. Again, their experiences with the oils changed their minds. “Many experiences showed us how urgently people need the essential oils in their everyday lives. Being able to help others quickly and efficiently became our daily task.” They decided to start building their business to share the oils with people who need them.

In addition to their love for the oils, Harald and Sabine are also dedicated to sharing the doTERRA mission and values. They are especially passionate about Co-Impact Sourcing® and the doTERRA Healing Hands initiatives. They explain, “Ethically, Co-Impact Sourcing is a wonderful opportunity to bring about many positive changes in developing countries and, in collaboration with doTERRA Healing Hands initiatives, creates a way to alleviate human suffering and poverty.” They are proud that their work with doTERRA helps support a sustainable, ethical business model.

Harald and Sabine are grateful to work in this business together, and they have each learned to take advantage of their talents to benefit their work and their relationship. “As a couple, we have decided together to follow the doTERRA mission. Harald is the calm and balancing influence; he is the contact person for our business partners and helps with team building. Sabine shares her love for and experience with the oils. It’s beautiful to walk a common path where everyone can bring their own personal strengths.”

“The world needs people who are committed to a better world, and to do this, you need to care for your own family first. Only one who is well himself can share with others.”

As they work to build their business together, Sabine and Harald are also excited to share this opportunity with their family. They have three adult children, and one of their daughters has chosen to build a doTERRA business as well. One of Harald and Sabine’s goals is to be able to take more vacations with their children and spend more time together.

With all they have experienced and learned, Harald and Sabine remain dedicated to sharing the oils and the opportunity with a greater goal in mind. “The essential oils are a wonderful health support, and the spirit of doTERRA is something we can’t help but share. We want to help make the world a better place. We want to be able to tell our future grandchildren about a ‘good world’ in which the wellbeing of other people is the center of our focus.”

Essential Experiences

Oil Experiences

“The best option for sharing the oils is to unscrew the bottle and let them smell the essential oil. Giving them samples is also well received. We also hold meetings and oneon- ones to convey the importance of relationships and strengthen their confidence.”

Business Experiences

“The easiest way to share the business opportunity is to personally accompany a new business partner in sharing the oils. Show them how you do it yourself. If you have a love for the oils, people will feel that. That love is a prerequisite to being successful in this business.”

Personal Experiences

“Each team member has their own personal ‘doTERRA way’ that we need to support—everyone has their own pace, and this needs to be respected. Motivating our downline means being there for them, being available as a contact, and offering coaching.”

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