Virtual Office Shopping Experience

Replacing the Shopping Experience in the Virtual Office

“doTERRA Europe's growth is tremendous. Remarkable progress is happening in countries across the region, where hundreds of thousands of people are coming to doTERRA for solutions. As the world leader in essential oils, we also strive to provide the best tools and resources for our customers. fulfils our desire to match the quality of our services with the quality of our oils. Combine with growing offices in the UK and Germany, the new customer support centre in Budapest, and the new manufacturing Ireland, and Europe is properly positioned for continued growth.”  - Jared Auger, Managing Director, Europe West

As part of introducing exclusively to Europe, we are in the process of replacing the shopping experience option from the Virtual Office. This is currently under way in the following countries:

Austria, Germany, Hungary, France, Italy, Ireland, Romania, United Kingdom

Please ensure that you check your email to receive information about when this change will affect you. If you have unsubscribed from email communications, please consider subscribing to our emails during this process to ensure you receive the latest information about this change.

Here's how compares to the Virtual Office:

How This Will Affect the Virtual Office?

The following questions will apply once the shopping experience has been replaced in your Virtual Office.  

How do I access from the Virtual Office?

Log in to your Virtual Office. Click the "Shop" tab. You will then be taken to

What happens when I first log in to my Virtual Office after the shopping experience has been replaced?

Wellness Advocates will be taken to the Dashboard instead of the Shop tab. If you would like to shop or make an adjustment to your LRP, click the Shop tab and you will then be taken to

Wholesale Customers will be automatically redirected to if they are logging in through the Virtual Office.

How do I return to my Virtual Office using the new shopping experience?

In the top right-hand corner, hover over “My Account” and click “My Office”.

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