Global Access: General Guidelines Q&A

A: Global Access simply means Wellness Advocates can enrol anywhere in the world and order US doTERRA products for their personal use. Product is paid for in US dollars and shipped to a US address. Global Access members are responsible for the product from that point.
A: If doTERRA does not have an office in your country, you are in a Global Access Country (GAC).
A: Before enroling, a new member should prepare means to (1) pay for product in US dollars and (2) have their package(s) forwarded from their US shipping address to their home country. 1. How do I pay for product? The easiest way to pay for product is to open an international bank account that provides a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card number. Other methods may be arranged on an exception basis if necessary. 2. How do I get product shipped to me? The easiest method is to select a freight forwarder based in the US and provide their address once you have opened an account with them. Many Wellness Advocates prefer, but any freight forwarder should suffice. Some members make arrangements with their upline, friends, or family who may travel frequently, or they may have logistics of their own already set up.
A: To register as a Wellness Advocate in a Global Access Country (GAC) online, go to, select your preferred language, select Global Access, select your country, and then press “Continue”. No government ID is required, but your birthday is. Under home address, enter your actual home address. Under billing address, enter whatever address is associated with your payment method. Remember that your shipping address must be a predetermined location in the United States.
A: We are currently working on getting every GAC on the drop-down list. If your country is not available when enroling, select Albania, and once you finish online registration, notify the GAC team with your country name at
A: GAC Wellness Advocates can do many things to live and share doTERRA, including:
  • Buy US product for personal use
  • Share samples with family members and friends
  • Enrol other members so they too can buy and enjoy the product
  • Have rewards accrue on their doTERRA AR balance (see “Are Global Access members paid commissions?” below for more info)
Please refer to Section 14 of the UK doTERRA Policy Manual for additional requirements in sharing doTERRA product in Global Access Countries.
A: GAC members should never disobey the laws in their respective countries. They should also take care not to:
  • Resell the product, which is strictly NFR and for personal use only (unless authorized by doTERRA and in compliance with local laws and customs)
  • Make claims about the product’s ability to treat disease
  • Present themselves, their store front, or online property as an official party or property of doTERRA International LLC
A: Global Access members do not get paid commissions in the traditional sense. However, rewards for purchasing product, enrolling new members, and supporting an organization accrue on the member’s AR (Accounts Receivable) balance. AR funds can be redeemed to purchase more product. In some cases where favorable currency and banking conditions exist, rare exceptions can be made to release accrued funds exceeding $1,000 USD.
A: To order product as a Wellness Advocate in a Global Access Country (GAC), go to and place orders through the New Shopping Cart in your Virtual Office. If you have issues ordering online, contact US Member Services by phone (1-800-411-8151) or email (
A: To use AR funds, contact US Member Services by phone (1-800-411-8151) or email ( with your account information and the products to which you would like AR applied.
A: To have your points applied to an order, you can use your Virtual Office’s Shopping Cart by going to
A: Yes. GAC members can enjoy the LRP program, and they are free to sign up and update any existing LRP templates on their Virtual Office (, by contacting US Member Services by phone (1-800-411-8151), or by email (
Yes. Wellness Advocates in Global Access Countries are encouraged to sponsor and enrol other individuals so they too can enjoy doTERRA product for personal use. Please refer to section 14 of the UK doTERRA Policy Manual for additional information on enroling and recruiting members in Global Access Countries.
A: NFR means not for resale. doTERRA does not authorize Wellness Advocates in Global Access Countries to resell the product they purchase for personal use. For more information on NFR please click here.
A: While there are many factors that determine when we officially enter a market and support on-the-ground operations, Global Access growth is essential to helping us identify stable markets. The best way to help prepare a market for opening is to continue to share the benefits of our therapeutic-grade essential oils with friends and family members in GAC markets. If you have questions about a specific country, or questions about how to support team members in GAC markets, please contact our Global Access support team by emailing
A: Please direct any additional Global Access related questions to our Global Access team by email at
A: To learn how to enroll yourself or another person as a Global Access Customer (GAC), also known as Global Access Member, watch the short instructional video below.


*It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

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