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Beyōnd | dōTERRA Europe Convention 2022

17–18 June 2022 | Budapest, Hungary 

You asked and we listened – live-stream tickets are available now! If you can’t join us in person, watch the event wherever you are in the world with live-stream access. 

Convention Ticket – Live-Stream: €35 

What's Included 

  • Access to watch the event online via live-stream. 
  • Find out about the Convention Kit as soon as it’s announced! 
  • A FREE Ravintsara (5 ml) with your ticket purchase. 


Now What You Can Look Forward To 

  • Unmissable product education, including a first look at each product in the Convention Kit!  
  • Our highly anticipated scientific and medical  presenters, dōTERRA Healing Hands™ updates, Cō-Impact Sourcing™ initiatives and much more! 
  • Hear from special guest speaker, Founding Executive and President, Emily Wright! 

If you want to join us in Budapest, in-person tickets are still available! Get your ticket to avoid disappointment! 

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Tour doTERRA Europe's Budapest Office!

16 June 2022 

During your visit to Hungary, why not visit doTERRA's offices and European Member Services Centre in the capital city? 

Wellness Advocates are invited to take part in an exclusive guided tour of our Budapest Office. Meet our corporate family and connect with us at the source. In-person experiences such as this make our doTERRA family flourish through lifelong friendships and meaningful conversations to be had every step of the way. 

Tours will take place in groups of up to 30 people and can be held in English, German, Hungarian, Italian and Romanian depending on the needs of each group. Attendees will be given instructions on how to reach the office after registration. No ticket or payment is required – simply register to attend using the link below! 

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On-The-Gō Exclusives Kit – Still Available

Another series of Tour events have come and gone. Thank you for sharing stories of growth and change.  

Remember, the On-The-Go Exclusives Kit – released in celebration of our Grow & Bloom 2022 events – is still available! 

Kit Includes  
doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil (30 ml), On Guard™ Dental Floss (50 m), On Guard™ Hand Purifying Mist (30 ml), On Guard™ Hand Mist Holder, On Guard™ Touch (10 ml roll-on), On Guard™ Mouthwash (100 ml), On Guard™ Beadlets (125 beadlets) and a Travel Bag.  

 Available while supplies last. Limited time offer product. 

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Our Collaboration with WelleCo

We are delighted to announce a collaboration with WelleCo – Elle Macpherson’s wellness brand!  

Supermodel and businessperson, Elle has been a fan of doTERRA for some time and recently expressed to the media her love for Frankincense as part of her beauty regime. Enjoying popular favourites such as dōTERRA Balance™, dōTERRA Cheer™ Touch, dōTERRA Adaptiv™ Touch and dōTERRA Align™, Elle also shared her passion for doTERRA via press coverage in Vogue, The Daily Mail and SheerLuxe.  

As part of our collaboration with WelleCo, we will support their launch of two new women's health-focused products, each of which will be featured in a press kit also showcasing Elle's favourite oil, doTERRA Balance. The kit will be distributed to high-profile UK editors, helping to raise awareness of both WelleCo’s latest Elixirs, and doTERRA Europe. Results from the campaign will be shared later via email and social media, so be on the lookout for exciting updates to come! 


Europe Diffuser Updates

Adhering to updated EU regulations, all doTERRA Europe diffusers with a wall plug will now feature a new discreet and clear symbol positioned directly above the power outlet. This symbol simply indicates that the diffuser should be cleaned every three days. All accompanying diffuser manuals will also be updated with specific cleaning instructions to ensure your diffuser remains clean and hygienic. 

We expect these changes to be implemented in the coming months. This change will affect both our existing line of diffusers as well as any new diffusers that we plan to introduce in the future. 



NEW updated information – find out everything you need to know about Recognition in Europe! 

Showing our appreciation and gratitude for our members is what recognition is all about. We're pleased to offer a full breakdown of Recognition projects, including qualification criteria and the gifts you could receive.  

Our Meet Our Leaders page will continue to be updated online. Here you can discover the names and faces of fellow Wellness Advocates ranked Silver and above across Europe.


Meet Our Leaders 
To see the most recent list of those who have advanced in rank across Europe, use the link below.  

The website is updated on or around the 20th of each month based on the ranks the advancers have achieved in previous months.  

More InformationMeet Our LeadersNew Advancers


DIY Nourishing Body Wash

Lather and clean skin with this homemade body wash recipe!  
128 g (1 cup) unscented liquid castile soap 
64 g (½ cup) fractionated coconut oil 
2 tbsp liquid honey 
1–2 tbsp jojoba oil (sweet almond oil or vitamin E oil optional) 
4 drops Grapefruit  
3 drops Patchouli 
2 drops Clary Sage 
What You'll Need 
Mixing bowl 
Measuring Cup 
Wooden spoon 
250 ml Amber Foaming Hand Wash Dispenser 
  1. In a mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients. Mix thoroughly but slowly to avoid too many bubbles. 
  2. Fill your dispenser with the mixture and top up with castile soap. Return the lid and you're ready to use it! 

Watch Video

If you are looking for more tips on how to incorporate essential oils into your daily life, check our blog! 

dōTERRA Blog


NEW! On Guard™ Dental Floss

Welcome the newest addition to the On Guard™ product line family. 

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Zendocrine™ Complex Exclusive*

Enjoy Zendocrine™ Complex as an LRP add-on when you buy the Lifelong Vitality Pack™ or Daily Nutrient Pack. Limited stock & offer. 
*This item can be purchased at full price as an LRP add-on. Limit of 1 per account per month with a maximum of three add-on items per purchase. No discount will be applied. 


dōTERRA Citrus Bloom™ Must-Haves!

Stock up on body care essentials infused with dōTERRA Citrus Bloom™.  

  • dōTERRA Citrus Bloom™ Foaming Hand Wash 
  • dōTERRA Citrus Bloom™ Hand and Body Lotion 
  • dōTERRA Deodorant Infused with dōTERRA Citrus Bloom™ 

Available while supplies last. Limited time offer products available for individual sale only. 

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Wire Transfers Reminder

To avoid any potential fees that you may incur from your bank when making wire transfer payments, we would ask that you use the following account information found in the link below. 

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