Diamond Summit 2021

We have some exciting news to share...

Your dedication and exceptional results have encouraged us to host two events this year: a Presidential and Blue Diamond Summit* followed by a Diamond Summit, both in 2021. 

We are excited to reveal the location for our Diamond Summit in 2021:

  • Willbrook Platinum – Business & Convention Centre, Bucharest, Romania

The event will be held on:

  • 23rd September 2021

Hosting our 2021 Diamond Summit in Bucharest reflects the tremendous growth that the Romanian market has experienced in recent years.

Qualification for this event has been re-opened!

Those of you who have already achieved the minimum rank of Diamond twice between July 2020 – December 2020 will receive an invitation closer to the event. For those who aim to qualify to attend the event, you must achieve the following:

  • Achieve the minimum rank of Diamond twice between January 2021 – July 2021

Please note: To qualify for this trip you must achieve the minimum rank of Diamond twice within either of the periods mentioned above. If you achieve the minimum rank of Diamond once in each period, you will not qualify for this trip.

*We will provide more information about the Presidential and Blue Diamond Summit very soon.

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