Convention Recap: What we learned

doTERRA Global Convention is the event that gathers over 40,000 Wellness Advocates from all over the world to celebrate, learn and connect. Every year new products are launched, innovative projects are revealed and the latest research and partnerships are unveiled. 2019 was no exception and during three jam-packed days in Salt-Lake City, the future of the essential oil industry was written. 

In case you missed any details here’s a recap of what happened at the Together Convention:

11th September: Pursue What’s Pure and New Products

doTERRA Global Convention kicked-off with a powerful message from David Stirling and an overview of the last year’s achievements. Here are some of the highlights: 
  • 1.173.321 new customers globally
  • Average of 338,880 oils produced per day 
  • New Manufacturing Building which will more than double doTERRA’s previous storage and production capacity 
  • New offices in Japan, Taiwan, Germany, and Brazil
  • New Markets are opening in Colombia, South Africa and the Philippines
  • The Prime Meridian flagship clinic opens in Pleasant Grove
Significantly, doTERRA's new key message was revealed: Pursue What’s Pure. These three words are at the core of what we do, as doTERRA searches to deliver the purest essential oils that nature has to offer. David Stirling left the crowd with this statement, “Purity is the only way to last”.
After David’s inspiring speech, Emily Wright and Dr. David Hill took to the stage to resounding applause to announce the long-awaited, new product launches. These are the revolutionary essential oils and products that are about to hit a variety of markets:
  • Celery Seed Essential Oil 
  • Citronella Essential Oil
  • Black Spruce Essential Oil
  • Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • Tamer: Digestive Blend, Kids Collection 
  • Rose Essential Oil
  • VOLO diffuser
  • Peppermint Softgels 
  • Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsules 
  • Yarrow|Pom Cellular Beauty Complex 
  • Yarrow|Pom Body Renewal Serum 
  • Adaptiv Calming Blend 
  • Adaptiv Touch 
Note: Products and launch dates will vary considerably across international markets 

12th September: Healing Hands, Kindness and Science

The second day started with a Healing Hands™ update from Mark Wolfert. Together, we have raised more than one million dollars for Wellness Advocate projects – it was a privilege to see the latest developments on the humanitarian missions sponsored by Healing Hands. Here is some of the most heart-warming news: 
Renovating a school in Rwanda: Before the renovation, the school had no working water pipes to facilitate their everyday needs. As an alternative, students had to use buckets to shower and for laundry. The lavatories were located outside and the sleeping arrangements were uncomfortable. Since the renovation, the facilities have been fitted with new beds and mattresses, showers, sinks to clean, and wardrobes to store belongings. Students now have a clean, healthy environment to continue developing their minds and characters. 
Art Therapy Centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Freed from a world of exploitation, young girls rescued from sex-trafficking began new paths to build their lives. They engaged in art therapy at the new Art Therapy Centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand, under the careful guidance of Rapha House counsellors. These girls are able to express themselves, find their voice, and release the pain they have endured  through the medium of art. These methods are designed specifically to help them in the long journey towards health and healing. 
Sanaag Health Care Centre, Somalia: A new health centre in a remote region of Somalia is currently in development. Once completed, the facility will provide professional health care to a region where people would not have had access to any kind of medical care. People will be able to maintain their health and receive medical assistance for themselves and their families. 
Keep up with Healing Hands here. 
There was more fantastic news on the second day of Convention. A number of Health Care initiatives were announced and, in the coming years, we will be able to see the results of integrating Essential Oils and naturopathic methods with western medicine. Our medical and scientific panel talked about: 
  • The results of phase one trials conducted by doTERRA, which look into the possible uses of the Turmeric Duocap, the Copaiba softgels, and the Lavender capsule.
  • At the St. Elizabeth Cancer Institute, the first floor will become the doTERRA Centre for Integrative Oncology, where holistic approaches will be shared with patients.
  • What could be done to start working on preventing certain diseases...
The second day also included a presentation from Leon Logothetis and his adventures while pursuing kindness all over the world. With an invitation to go out and do something kind, Leon explained that kindness helps us all to feel less alone. We all have the power to inspire kindness in others, explains Leon: “All you need to do to change the world is touch one life. And the most beautiful way to touch a life is to be kind.”

13th September: Ethical Sourcing

No matter what we do, we always go back to the bigger picture: sourcing. The quality and sustainability of essential oil sourcing was a widely discussed topic during the three days at Convention. Through Co-Impact Sourcing we have been able to create 70,412 new jobs since last year’s Convention and in turn, impact even more lives. 
Tim Valentiner, Director of Strategic Sourcing, talked through the process of ensuring the best quality possible, while creating long-term partnerships and consistently maintaining a reliable sourcing network. 
With the growing popularity of essential oils, one thing doTERRA focuses on is sustainability. We are working towards eco-friendlier packaging, recycling more materials, flying less and developing technology to produce green energy during the process of distilling essential oils. 

The future is healing, empowering, sustainable and, above all, pure. 

Global Convention ended with a powerful speech by Emily Wright, with an important message for everyone: “Let your purpose shine so bright that people can’t help but notice”. 
Together we can change the world.

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