Signing Up for the Loyalty Rewards Program


Step One

Start here by clicking  'CREATE NEW LRP TEMPLATE'


Step Two

  • This box will pop-up asking you to select the date your LRP will run.
  • If you choose a purple date, you will receive a free product each month if your order is 125 PV or more. Limit of 1 per month.
  • Dates that are greyed our mean that they are no longer available.
  • Once you've selected your desired date, the box will turn purple.
  • To continue click 'Next, add products to your cart.'


Step Three

  • To find items you want to add to your LRP template, browse our products by navigating our shopping environment. 
  • To cancel setting up your LRP, click on "CANCEL", then select "Yes" on the pop-up. 
  • Or, you can search for items using the "Item Search" box at the top of the page. It's simple; begin to type the product you are looking for and choose the desired product from the options that appear. 
  • Once you choose your desired product from the list, you will be taken to its product page. 
  • From here you can select the quantity that you would like and then click 'ADD TO CART'.
  • To add additional items to your LRP, you can use the Search Box (same steps as above), or you can browse our different categories listed at the top of your screen. 


Step Four

  • Once you have added all of your desired products, please proceed to "REVIEW CART". 
  • You are now viewing your LRP template!
  • Please review your Ship To and payment information to ensure that you can receive your products without any issues. At any time you can update your shipping and payment information.
  • If you are happy with all of the information on your LRP, please select "SAVE CHANGES".
  • If you would like to add more products, you can either add them to your cart directly by using the "Quick Add to Cart" option, or by selecting "CONTINUE SHOPPING". 
  • If you would like to process your LRP immediately, please select "CONTINUE". 


Step Five

  • Here you can review the details of your order.
  • Check the shipping address, payment details, shipping date and products in your order.
  • To make changes to your shipping and payment information, please select "RETURN TO CART".
  • To add more products to your order simply select ‘CONTINUE SHOPPING’
  • If you would like to proceed with processing your order now, please select "PROCESS ORDER NOW". If you would like to wait until the date you chose as your processing date, select "PROCESS AS SCHEDULED". 

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