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 Gabriela Häuβner & Christian Neudel


Although they live hours apart in different areas of the country, business partners Gabriela Häuβner and Christian Neudel are committed to the same goal: sharing doTERRA.

When Gabriela first heard of doTERRA, she was intrigued by the product and the opportunity. She had previous experience with network marketing, and she loves the industry. She says, “This is the fairest way to place a product, and it can be a major life changer. In this type of business, everybody has the same fair opportunity. It’s up to you!”

However, Gabriela didn’t start out with the business; she started with the oils. Gabriela’s first experiences with the oils were so positive that she was surprised. As she learned more about the company, she was even more impressed. “The founders of doTERRA are unique. They’re well experienced and have an outstanding amount of knowledge, but they also have heart. They don’t let ego get in the way.”

Gabriela’s initial interest in the essential oils has proved to be beneficial as she now builds the business. She loves sharing her experiences with others as she introduces them to doTERRA. She says, “Having your own experiences with the oils leads to real success stories, and these are ultimately exactly what people want to hear.” As she moves forward, Gabriela is committed to continuing to share the benefits of doTERRA with others. She especially enjoys seeing her team advance, and she is excited to share her success with them. “I believe we are at the beginning with doTERRA. There are so many people waiting for us to tell them about the products and lifestyle that doTERRA offers.”

“My Why is freedom—being free to choose what I will do in life, when I will do it, and with whom. I want to help those who want to be helped.” —Gabriela


Christian is also passionate about sharing the benefits of doTERRA with others. He says, “My Why is to share a product that everyone needs. When I was introduced to doTERRA, I was completely surprised at the benefits of the oils.” From his initial experience with essential oils, he saw their power and wanted to better understand them. He immediately started using them in his family and noticed great results.

Now, Christian’s family loves using the oils. “We use the oils every day. It has become a beautiful family ritual.” Christian’s wife, as well as their children, use the oils for a variety of purposes, and their nine-year-old daughter even shares the oils at school. His wife also helps him with the business—supporting him when he travels, providing the AromaTouch® Technique, writing blog posts, offering consultations, and more. Christian is grateful to have her help and support throughout this amazing journey together.

In addition to the health support they gain from the oils, their success with doTERRA has also given Christian and his wife greater financial freedom and time freedom. Christian explains, “It has changed our family’s health. We have pure, natural solutions right in our hands. The business has given us financial freedom; I can travel to wonderful places, I meet great people, and I can arrange my retirement with doTERRA. What is more beautiful than this? I can enjoy all of this with my family.” 

Key Diamond Actions


“Do something every day for your business. Constant work is essential; success is a report on your consistency. You must have a vision for you and your loved ones, and then be patient and work on it every day.”—Gabriela 


“One sharing tactic I have found to be most effective is the art of letting people smell the oils. This is my key. I know that after they have smelled the oils, they will be open to an explanation of the oils and their effects.”—Christian


“As a leader, I have remained completely human and authentic. All of my knowledge is from my life experience, not from statements created by others. That makes a big difference.”—Gabriela


“New builders must understand that this business is an investment. You must be willing to invest about 3–5 years to reach a rank like Diamond. It isn’t the speed that’s important—it’s the stability.”—Christian

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