How do I register for Stronger Together | doTERRA Europe Connection?

Purchase a ticket using the link below. You’ll find out about the types of tickets available for this event.

Is Stronger Together | doTERRA Europe Connection exclusive to Europe?

The event agenda and content are exclusive to Europe, but everybody is welcome to attend!

Payment Information

I don’t have a credit card – is there an alternative form of payment?

The following are accepted through the “Credit Card” option on the payment portal: Debit Cards, VISA, Mastercard & AMEX.

Wire Transfer: what do I need to know?

  • If you wish to register using Wire Transfer, please be aware that the deadline to use this payment method is 28 May 2021 at 16:00pm BST/ 17:00pm CEST/ 18:00pm EEST/ 18:00pm MSK. After this date you will no longer be able to select Wire Transfer as a payment method.
  • Wire transfer payments take 2–5 business days to process.
  • If for any reason your payment is not received by 2 June 2021, your registration will be cancelled, and you won’t be able to access the virtual event.
  • If you wish to make a payment using Wire Transfer, the transfer account details can be found on the payment page when registering for the event.
  • If you have made a payment using Wire Transfer, you will receive a receipt once we have received payment.
  • If you have any questions or difficulties, please email europeconvention@doterra.com.

The payment process isn't working – what can I do to fix this?

If your payment is not processing, please try the following:

  • Clear your cache and cookies from your browser.
  • Try to process the payment using another website browser.

If the issue continues, please contact europeconvention@doterra.com. A member of the team will help to solve the query.

Translation Services

Is Translation being offered at this event?

Yes, live voice-over translation will be provided as part of the event. Viewers will be able to choose their preferred language by choosing the language from a drop-down list of available translation channels. The drop-down list can be found on the right-hand side of the webpage after logging in.

Once you have chosen your preferred language, all messages sent from the registration platform will be in that selected language. If you would like to change this after your registration, please send an email to europeconvention@doterra.com.

What languages are supported as part of the live translation?

Live translation will be available in the following languages:

  • German, Romanian, Hungarian, Italian, French, Portuguese, Slovakian, Polish, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Bulgarian, Estonian, Russian.

Watching doTERRA Europe Connection Live

How do I watch Stronger Together | doTERRA Europe Connection?

You can watch the event from 4–5 June 2021 at 11:00am BST/ 12:00pm CEST/ 13:00pm EEST/ 13:00pm MSK by logging back into the registration page, here. On your Attendee Dashboard, you will see a link inviting you to access the live virtual event. Alternatively, log in using the link that will be emailed to you 24 hours before the event.

What time will the event start?

Each day will start at 11:00am BST/ 12:00pm CEST/ 13:00pm EEST/ 13:00pm MSK, featuring five hours of incredible content, including an hour break.


How can I prevent any technical disruptions during the event?

Ensure Your Laptop, Computer, Tablet, iPhone or Android Device is Up-to-Date

  • Devices can carry important security and feature improvements that may impact the user experience. Make sure any updates to your device are installed in advance of the event - some updates may take a while to install.

Use an Up-to-Date Browser

  • Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge (Chromium) will update automatically.
  • Make sure you restart your browser to allow updates to install.
  • Edge (Chromium) and Chrome are recommended browsers for the best streaming experience.

Improve Video Quality and Streaming Performance

  • For best quality, connect to the internet using Wi-Fi or ethernet if available.
  • Your available bandwidth may impact your viewing experience and slower connections may result in poorer quality video.
  • Make sure your computer hard drive is not full and clear your browser cache if necessary or try refreshing your browser.

If you have any issues during the event, we are here to help you. Simply email europeconvention@doterra.com and we will help you to get back to enjoying the show.

Watching doTERRA Europe Connection On-Demand

What if I'm unable to watch Stronger Together | doTERRA Europe Connection live?

If you bought a ticket for Stronger Together | doTERRA Europe Connection, you will still be able to re-watch content from the event between:

  • 07–14 June 2021

Is there a deadline to purchase a ticket to watch the event on-demand?

To watch on-demand, please purchase a ticket before 13 June 2021 by 11:00am BST/ 12:00pm CEST/ 13:00pm EEST/ 13:00pm MSK.

When will the on-demand content no longer be available from on 14 June 2021?

On-demand content will end at:

  • 23:00 BST/ 00:00 am CEST on 14 June 2021
  • 01:00 am EEST/ 01:00 am MSK on 15 June 2021

Stronger Together Package Information

I have bought the Stronger Together Package, when can I expect to receive my free gifts?

Purchases must be made before 16 May 2021 to receive the Stronger Together Package before Stronger Together | doTERRA Europe Connection. All purchases made before 16 May 2021 are expected to arrive before 3 June 2021.

The Stronger Together Package gifts will start shipping on May 18 2021 for all participants who registered by 16 May 2021. Any registrations after May 16 2021 will receive their Stronger Together Package gifts after the event has finished.

Anyone who purchases the Stronger Together Package will receive an email containing tracking information once their gifts are shipped by the courier.

I ordered the Stronger Together Package after 16 May 2021, when can I expect this to arrive?

You will receive your gifts by 25 June 2021.

What if I have bought a Stronger Together Package but my country is not eligible for shipping?

Members in countries that do not have shipping available may still buy the ticket but will only receive access to the event – without the free gifts.

Which countries are eligible to ship registration gifts to?

The following countries are eligible for shipping:

  • Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK

Which countries are not eligible to ship registration gifts to?

Shipping is not available to the following countries:

  • Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Ukraine, Outside of Europe (excluding Israel).

If I live in a country that is not eligible to ship the registration gift to, can it be sent to an alternative address?

Yes, if you would like to send the registration gift to an address that we are able to ship to, simply select the relevant country as your main country of residence. You will then be directed to the shipping page where you can complete the recipient’s full address. Please note that shipping the gift package to another address does not give event access to the recipient.

Refund Policy

Can my ticket be refunded?

Tickets for Stronger Together | doTERRA Europe Connection are non-refundable. Once you have bought your ticket, you will have access to the two-day event.

Can I transfer my ticket to another member?

If you are unable to take part in the event, you can re-gift your ticket access to another member. To do so, please email europeconvention@doterra.com with the following:

  • Full name
  • Email address used to buy the ticket
  • The name and ID number of the member you want to transfer your ticket to

Please note that if you have bought the Stronger Together Package, the shipping of the gifts will still be sent to the address originally provided.

Please note that if you have bought the Stronger Together Package, you are only able to alter the shipping address up until 16 May 2021. After this time, the Package gifts will be shipped to the original address provided.

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