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What is a BOGO?

Every so often, doTERRA offers surprise Buy One, Get One deals: if you buy a specific oil, we give you another oil or related product free. This is our way of helping you get more of the essential oil products you love! Whether you’re wanting to expand your essential oil collection, build a doTERRA business, or you just love getting free oils, BOGO deals are for you. You won’t be able to resist!

How do I know when there is a BOGO?

We announce BOGOs on all doTERRA Canada social media channels, through email, and on our website. If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram—or if you are signed up to receive email notifications (like the newsletter)—then you won’t miss it!

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Use BOGOs to boost your business

BOGOs are an amazing deal for doTERRA customers. Plus, if you’re building a doTERRA business, BOGOs are a great way to engage your customers. Tell them about the BOGO and let them do the math: two essential oil products for the price of one. Essential oils are for everyday use, and BOGO deals make it easy to stock up on your favorite products and try out new ones, too.

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