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BOGOs for Your Business

We love all of our promotions equally, but BOGOs are without a doubt one of the most exciting and highly anticipated promotions at doTERRA. It’s an entire week of buy-one-get-one-free deals, and there’s usually a chance to receive exclusive, limited time products. But, even with all of this excitement, BOGOs are much more than just a set of amazing deals. Of all our yearly promotions, BOGOs offer unique opportunities for you to build toward your doTERRA business goals.

Not sure how to make the most of BOGOs for your business? We’ve laid out 10 key ways you can harness the excitement of BOGOs to help propel your business forward. 

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Building Strategies

BOGOs can create excitement around enrollment, build interest in the Loyalty Rewards Program, and boost your team builders.

  1. The Perfect Time to Enroll. Get your potential customers excited about enrolling with one of the best deals of the year. After all—what’s more exciting than making your first doTERRA order and getting a ton of free product?
  2. BOGOs and the Loyalty Rewards Program. BOGOs are uniquely compatible with the benefits of the LRP. Especially if you (or your team members) are planning on ordering more than one of each day’s BOGO, it’s an easy way to score multiple 50 PV orders in the same week and earn Reward Points back every time! If your team isn’t already participating, this is the perfect time to join.
  3. Empower Your Builders. All the strategies in this post are designed to work for every member of your team. Develop a brief quarterly BOGO training for your builders to teach them how to use BOGOs to enhance their business and building whenever this promotion comes around!

Networking Opportunities

BOGOs create a great opportunity to talk about doTERRA with others, follow up with contacts, and strengthen your teams.

  1. The Ultimate Ice Breaker. Whether or not you usually make daily contact with your team, make it a priority during BOGOs! BOGOs and promotions are great talking points in general, but it’s an especially effective icebreaker to highlight current promos that your team’s potential customers can take advantage of.
  2. Build Team Relationships. While regularly communicating with your team is crucial, BOGOs are a great chance to reach out and reconnect with your team. Keep an eye on the daily BOGO announcements and notify members of your team with a personal message or email. Your team will know that you are looking out for them and available to help them maximize BOGOs for themselves!
  3. A Way to Reconnect. Do you have a list of follow-up contacts gathering dust, or maybe you have some interested names who are still on the fence about doTERRA? Call them during BOGOs and let them know they came to mind when you saw this amazing promotion. Once again, this icebreaker may be just what you need to rekindle old contacts!

Education and Promotion

BOGOs come with a collection of amazing materials that you can leverage to share and educate your customers about doTERRA products.

  1. Product Experience and Education. BOGOs are an ideal time for your customers to discover oils or products they might not have tried or don’t use as often. Every day a BOGO is announced, connect them with our product spotlights and blog posts teaching about the day’s products and essential oils. When people are empowered to learn how to use the BOGO products together or on their own, they’ll be more excited to participate in the offer. Don’t leave yourself out, either—we bet there’s a new idea or two on the blog for you, too!
  2. Online Resources and Sharing. Using social media to share news about BOGOs is a great way to give your business profile a boost. You can share our daily Instagram (@doterraca) and Facebook posts, BOGO product posts and spotlights from our blog, or create your own posts using resources available through the Digital Marketing Kit or the doTERRA Social mobile app.

Steal of a Deal

We all love a great business strategy, but a deal is a deal!

  1. Save on Shipping. If you are encouraging your team to take advantage of a BOGO promotion, one of the easiest benefits of the promo to highlight is how to save on shipping. They can order the whole week of BOGOs in a single order by purchasing the BOGO Box option, while it’s available. Or, encourage your team to order as a group, alternating who buys the BOGOs each day. That way, the group only pays for shipping once!
  2. Stock Up. At the end of the day, this promo is all about the BOGO products themselves! The BOGO essential oils and products range from classic favorites to all new and totally exclusive options. Take advantage of the maximum order limit each day to stock up on every product. Use the products for sharing, or as a sample for your classes, giveaways, and other business strategies.

These are just some of the top ways BOGO week can be helpful for your business goals, but there’s really no limit to how you can make them work for you. What is your favorite way to use BOGO week to grow your business? Share this article to Instagram or Facebook and caption the post with your personal ingot of knowledge. Don’t forget to tag us (@doterraca)!

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