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Stronger Oil

Stronger™ Oil   Protective Blend

Stronger Protective Blend intentionally combines Cedarwood, Litsea, Frankincense, and Rose essential oils with Fractionated Coconut Oil. This uniquely supportive blend can be incorporated into daily rituals as an aromatic reminder to be resilient and strong. With its gentle formula, empowering label, and easy-to-apply roller bottle, Stronger essential oil blend is kid-friendly and adult approved.

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Stronger Protective Blend delivers a rejuvenating, uplifting aroma and rich topical properties in a gentle base of Fractionated Coconut Oil, ideal for sensitive skin. Litsea, one of the main ingredients in Stronger, is renowned for its skin-cleansing benefits. Together with Cedarwood, Frankincense, and Rose, Stronger supports clean and healthy-looking skin. Use Stronger daily on the back of your neck or the bottoms of your feet for an aromatic boost, especially when paired with affirmations of inner strength.


  • Apply in the morning for a supportive scent as you prepare to meet the challenges of the day.
  • Use topically to help soothe skin and to promote a healthy appearance.
  • Inhale the scent of Stronger while practicing daily affirmations of resilience.
  • Keep in your child’s backpack as a daily reminder of their inner strength.

Directions for Use

Aromatic use: Roll on to diffusing jewelry, natural dolomite, or lava diffusing rocks.
Topical use: Apply to desired area. Intended for use with adult supervision.


Keep out of reach of children under 3. Possible skin sensitivity. If under a doctor's care, consult your physician. Keep out of eyes, inner ears, mouth, and sensitive areas.


Primary Benefits

  • Has a bright, clean, rejuvenating aroma
  • Promotes an atmosphere of strength and vitality
  • Cleansing and soothing to the skin
  • Gentle on sensitive skin

*For a complete list of approved claims and benefits, see the Approved Claims List.

Aromatic Description

Bright, refreshing, lemon-like
Stronger Oil

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