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Loyalty Rewards Program

Your Loyalty, Rewarded

Have your favourite products delivered to your doorstep every month and get rewarded with points, free products, and more! This fully customizable, recurring monthly order is the key to unlocking the full potential of your doTERRA membership.

Get the Free Product of the Month
Every month, doTERRA highlights one product that Loyalty Reward Program members can get for free!

Get Free Shipping
Get free shipping on your monthly Loyalty Order when you order 100 PV or more.

Access Exclusive Benefits
Loyalty Reward Program members get access to exclusive perks, rewards points, and other amazing promotions.

See all current Loyalty promotions.

How It Works

Step 1: Set Up a Monthly Order Step 2: Change It Up Step 3: Earn and Redeem Points for Free Product!
To get started, simply add your products to the cart, choose “Create a new Loyalty Order,” select your processing date, and save! You can pick your favourites again or try something new! The program is flexible to suit your monthly needs, and you can cancel your order at any time. Redeem your points in exchange for free products! You can earn more points the longer you participate.

Get Started

Free Product Every Month

When you place a Loyalty Order of 125 PV or more by the fifteenth of the month, your order will include the Product of the Month for free! We highlight a new product every month so you can find new ways to support yourself and your family.

Points for Your Loyalty

For every Loyalty Order of 50 PV or more, you’ll earn a percentage of your order’s PV total back in points. Each point is worth a dollar, which can be redeemed for doTERRA products.

Earn up to 30% back on purchases! Starting at 10% when you join, the longer you participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program, the more points you can earn.

Your PV Cheat Sheet

What is PV?  PV stands for Personal Volume. Every doTERRA product has an assigned PV value, which means your order will have a PV total (different than the dollar price). Your total PV qualifies you for points, promotions, free shipping, and more! Here’s what to know:

PV Requirement Your Loyalty Rewards
1-49 PV Maintain your active Loyalty Order status and keep all previously earned rewards points
50+ PV Qualify to earn rewards points
100+ PV Qualify for free shipping; Wellness Advocates eligible for commissions opportunities
125+ PV Qualify for the Free Product of the Month (1-15 of the month)

Common Questions

Can I choose which product I get each month?
Yes! Your Loyalty Order is fully customizable every month. Keep your favourite items month after month or change and save your new picks up to the day before your auto-ship date.

How much free product can I get with my points?
One point equals one dollar toward doTERRA product! You can redeem as many points as you have available on any order, but your points must cover the full dollar amount of the product’s price to be redeemed.

How do I cancel my Loyalty Order?
You can cancel your Loyalty Order at any time! Because your rewards points are a perk of the program, accumulated points are lost upon cancellation. To make sure no one loses their points by mistake, we require a quick call to Member Services to cancel your Loyalty Order.

Learn more about the Loyalty Rewards Program and how to join by visiting the Help Center or check out our Business Blog: Understanding the Loyalty Rewards Program.

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