Frequently Asked Questions

Which months can I qualify for Diamond Club 2020?

You can qualify for Diamond Club 2020 during a single month, between October 2019 and February 2020. To qualify, you will need to meet the following qualifications:

  • Achieve the rank of Silver or above (Blue Diamond and above are not eligible to earn/compete for any participant bonuses or prizes)
  • Personally enroll three new members.
  • Ten team members with loyalty orders over 100 PV.
  • Have at least one mentoring sponsor (Upline leader willing to sponsor and mentor you during the program); you can have up to four total sponsors.

Which rank qualifies me for Diamond Club 2020?

Qualify by reaching Silver or higher in a qualification month. (Blue Diamond and above can participate. Blue Diamonds and above are not eligible to earn/compete for any participant bonuses or prizes.)

How many LRPs do I need on my team to qualify for Diamond Club?

You will need 10 LRPs of 100PV (or more) within your team to qualify for Diamond Club.

How many sponsors can I have?

You can have up to four sponsors. One of your sponsors will need to be identified as your mentoring sponsor.

What are the qualifications requirements of a sponsor?

There is no rank requirement for sponsors. The mentoring sponsor should be available to mentor and help the participant reach their goals.

What is the difference between a sponsor and a mentoring sponsor?

A sponsor is someone who partners with dōTERRA to help participants be successful in Diamond Club, as well as someone who contributes financially to the monthly incentives. Each participant can have up to four sponsors, but at least one is needed to participate. The first sponsor is called a “mentoring sponsor”, because—in addition to financial contribution— this sponsor also recognizes his or her role in helping a participant throughout the program. Mentoring sponsors play an important role in the leadership duplication cycle. Mentor sponsors take primary responsibility for teaching leadership skills, helping develop action plans, and guiding the participant to be successful. This support could include scheduled accountability calls, support with class preparations, class follow-up, attending/teaching classes when possible, help with scheduling and time blocking, and any other necessary support to ensure the participant’s success in the program.

What resources are available to mentoring sponsors and sponsors to track my progress?

The sponsors will have access and be able to track their leader’s season on the Diamond Club website under the Sponsorship tab.

When does the Diamond Club season officially begin and end?

The season will begin on March 1 and end on June 30.

Will crossline enrollments count toward my monthly requirements?

Crossline enrollments can count toward your total Diamond Club points for the competition; however, they do not count toward your 14 required monthly enrollments.

Are there any special Diamond Club incentives for new members?

New members will receive incentives from Diamond Club such as Citrus Bliss for 100–299 PV enrollment orders. New members will receive Citrus Bliss and Adaptiv for 300+ PV enrollment orders. Additionally, the newly qualified members who join through Diamond Club classes and process a 100+ PV LRP order the month following their qualified enrollment order will receive 25 LRP points. The LRP points will be added around the 15th of the following month after the LRP order.

Will I receive Diamond Club credit for crossline LRPs?

LRP points will only be awarded for Diamond Club new team enrollments.

Can I hold a Diamond Club class with another participant?

You are welcome to hold classes with other Diamond Club participants; however, enrollments can only count toward one participant. You will need to determine who will get Diamond Club credit for the enrollment.

What are the class requirements for Diamond Club 2020?

  1. 4 Classes per month (one can be online. 75% of your enrollments and classes must be in person)
  2. You will need two new team enrollments (single minimum of 100 PV) from a class
  3. Classes need to be submitted before the class
  4. Attendee list needs to be submitted 24 hours after class.

What are the travel requirements for Diamond Club 2020?

There are no travel requirements for Diamond Club 2020. We encourage you to work with your team in the areas that you want to build and grow.

What role do reimbursements play in Diamond Club 2020?

Participants who meet the monthly requirements will receive a $300 (USD) bonus. This can cover driving or potential car rental costs for the month. We recognize that each participant might have different costs (event space, child care, class materials, and such). This allotment allows for flexibility, to be used as you wish. No additional reimbursements are available.

How will my monthly cash bonus be paid out?

Your monthly cash bonus will be paid out with your primary bonus around the 15th of the following month.

How are points and standings used to earn prizes?

The points you earn from enrollments, LRPs, and rank advancements determine where you are placed in the standings toward the prizes that can be earned at the end of the season.

What prizes am I able to win in DC 2020?

The top 185 winners will receive a cash prize and the top 200 will be invited to the exclusive Diamond Club Sourcing trip (See Points & Standings tab).

Are the cash prizes in USD?

Yes, the monthly cash bonus and end of season cash prizes will be paid out in USD.

Who can qualify for prizes?

Wellness Advocates ranking Silver to Diamond before March 1 can qualify for prizes.

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