Diamond Club: Benefits


Earning Points

Rank Advancement

  • 25 points first-time Gold
  • 25 points first-time Platinum
  • 50 points first-time Diamond 
  • 50 points first-time Blue Diamond

New Members First Order (Member Enrollments)

  • 70–99 PV: 2 points
  • 100–199 PV: 3 points
  • 200+ PV: 4 points
  • 70+ PV not on your team: 1 point

Loyalty Rewards Program

(points earned for first two months on LRP only)

  • 50 PV: 2 points
  • 100 PV: 4 points
  • No LRP points outside your team

Apply for Diamond Club

Monthly Incentives

New Member Perks

As an added bonus for individuals to make their first purchase at a Diamond Club class, and to help the participant reach monthly requirements, doTERRA offers special product promotions during Diamond Club. The product promotions will remain the same throughout the season. 

New members receive:

  • 100-299 PV: Citrus Bliss
  • 300+ PV: Citrus Bliss and Adaptiv

Orders must be processed as a single order. Combined orders do not qualify.

Additionally, new members who come in through Diamond Club classes and processes a 100+ PV LRP the month following their qualified initial order will receive 25 LRP points. The LRP points will be added around the 15th of the following month of their LRP order.

Monthly Cash Bonus 

Participants who meet the monthly requirement each receive a payout of $300. This can cover driving and potential car rentals for the month. We recognize that each participant might have different costs (event space, child care, class materials, etc), this allotment allows flexibility for participants to use it as they wish. No additional reimbursements are available. 

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