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Why Use doTERRA abode™?

What is doTERRA abode?

abode is a well-rounded line of naturally sourced, sustainable home care and cleaning products that are simple, beautiful, and effective. When you choose abode, you no longer have to choose between the clean home you want and what’s good for your home, your family, and the planet.

Why abode?

It’s a common misconception that you need harsh chemicals to have a clean home. Because of this, you may be exposing yourself and family to harmful synthetics in some of the most important areas of your home: where you prepare food, gather for meals, wash your hands and body, and more. But your home is an ecosystem, and you should feel good about the products you use to clean it.

Thankfully, there’s an easy, safe, alternative approach. Having a comfortable, clean home doesn’t mean you have to compromise! The abode line is non-synthetic and made with the clean, green ingredients and sustainable packaging. It’s premium in both quality and design, and best of all, abode products are just as effective as the products you’d find on the supermarket shelves.

The Power of abode

Each product in the abode line was made with the conscious consumer in mind. By swapping your regular cleaning solutions for abode products, you can rest assured that you are getting the effective cleaning benefits you expect without putting your family’s wellness at risk from unwanted synthetic ingredients.

Every product in the abode line is:

  • Made with premium, naturally sourced, plant-based ingredients
  • Infused with the power of CPTG® essential oils
  • Free from phosphates, sulfates, phthalates, dyes, and chlorine

When the new abode line arrives at your door and you try the products out for the first time, imagine the confidence you will feel knowing that that your cleaning solutions are working toward your family’s wellness, not against it.

abode Sustainability

The extra care taken to make this line sustainable means you can feel even more confident bringing these products into your home. Every aspect of this line was meticulously thought out and created with the intention of being environmentally conscious.

Reusable, amber glass dispensers minimize waste.
Rather than relying on single-use plastics to ship and dispense products, abode features beautiful, highly durable, amber glass bottles with brushed metal pumps. You buy them once, and simply use the concentrates and refilling pouches to fill and refill them.

Besides their sustainability, these amber bottles make a stunning, signature statement inside any home.

Refills packaged in recyclable aluminum, glass, and plastic.
The abode packaging that cannot be reused was meant to be recycled. Glass and aluminum are used extensively throughout the abode line and were intentionally chosen for when you eventually need to retire items, as they’re more easily recycled. Where plastic had to be used, we chose recyclable pouches that are 70% more efficient to transport than hard-sided packaging.

For the Canadian refill bottles and pouches, be sure to remove any adhesive over-labels before recycling.

There is so much to celebrate with doTERRA abode™. Click the link below to learn more about all of the incredible products this line has to offer!

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