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abode™ Line

Abode Line

Welcome to your new abode—a home that’s greener and cleaner than ever before. With the abode line, you can rest assured your cleaning and household products are what you’ve been looking for: naturally sourced, non-synthetic, and effective. This line also uses sustainable packaging and offers modern, signature style with refillable, amber glass bottles that are both visually stunning and environmentally conscious.

Your home is your sanctuary, so you should feel good about the products you use to clean it. With the new abode™ line, you no longer have to choose between the clean you want and what’s good for your home, your family, and the planet.

Are you ready to meet abode™?

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abōde™ Essential Oil Blend

At the heart of the line is the abode™ essential oil blend, intentionally crafted with essential oils known for their refreshing aromas and surface cleansing constituents. abode essential oil blend is an excellent naturally sourced alternative for keeping your home looking clean and smelling fresh.

What is in the abode™ blend? This refreshing blend consists of Lime, Litsea, Cassia, Lemon Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Arborvitae, Kochii Eucalyptus, Cilantro, Lavandin, and Lemon Myrtle essential oils.


  • Add to DIY room, fabric, and upholstery sprays
  • Add to water to create a naturally sourced surface cleanser
  • Use with abode™ Dryer Balls to refresh laundry
  • Diffuse to refresh any space and remove stale smells

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Surface Spray

abōde™ Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner Concentrate

The abode multi-purpose cleaner harnesses the properties of the abode oil blend, enhanced by the extra cleaning power of Thymol to deliver a clean without compromise. Simply pour the concentrate into the glass spray bottle and fill the rest with clean water and start spraying!

Why use abode Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner Concentrate? Designed to take care of everyday messes on common household surfaces, the abode multi-purpose cleaner helps keep your home spotless and smelling fresh. Its gentle, plant-based formula is safe for use on surfaces where food is prepared, plus bathrooms, countertops, fixtures, walls, finished wood, and tile floors.

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Surface Spray

abōde™ Liquid Dish Soap

The abode liquid dish soap is a highly effective, plant-based, liquid formula infused with pure essential oils that helps eliminate stuck-on residue while being gentle on the hands. Use to replace any commercial dish soap you keep beside your kitchen sink.

Why use abode Liquid Dish Soap? This extra-strength dish soap is infused with the abode blend with the addition of Grapefruit essential oil for extra sparkle and cleaning power against tough, greasy messes. Each use guarantees a delightfully fresh, citrusy aroma and makes your dishes shine like never before.

The liquid dish soap is sold in in an aluminum bottle, which is easily recycled once you’ve filled your glass dispenser and removed the adhesive label.

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Surface Spray

abōde Dishwasher Pods

Best for: Removing tough grease; leaving a sparkling finish

These convenient dishwasher pods are infused with abode essential blend for an effective, plant-based product you’ll never want to go without. Simply place a pod in your dishwasher’s soap cup, run it like normal, and enjoy cleaner dishes than ever.

Why use abode Dishwasher Pods? These pods are tough on grease and formulated to power away food particles and stains, leaving your dishes sparkling clean. Best of all, they’re free from phosphates, phthalates, dyes, and chlorine, and are made with simple ingredients, like CPTG® essential oils, so you can enjoy shiny, gleaming dishes that smell delightfully fresh.

Suggested Uses :

  • Place one pod in your dishwasher’s soap cup.
  • Do not unwrap pod and make certain your hands are dry before handling.

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Abode Pods

Hand Wash

abōde ™ Foaming Hand Wash Concentrate Infused with Citrus Bloom™

Scented with the bright, delightful Citrus Bloom™ essential oil blend, the abode hand wash is a gentle, naturally sourced concentrate that cleanses the hands without drying the skin.

Why use abode Foaming Hand Wash Concentrate? Abode Foaming Hand Wash Concentrate combines the benefits of essential oils and plant-based extracts to provide you with a foaming hand wash that keeps the skin soft and moisturized. The luxurious foaming action leaves your hands feeling fresh and clean treating your senses to a pleasant, springtime aroma.

The foaming hand wash is sold as a concentrate in an aluminum bottle, with enough for two refills of the glass bottle and can be easily recycled after removing the adhesive label.

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Hand Lotion

abōde ™ Hand Lotion Refillable Dispenser

Compatible with your lotion of choice, the abode hand lotion refillable dispenser can be kept beautifully beside your abode hand wash dispenser for the perfect hand duet of cleansing and moisturising. This stylish duo can make the perfect, signature statement in your kitchen or bathroom.

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Hand Lotion

abōde™ Dryer Balls

Made of 100% New Zealand wool, abode Dryer Balls elevate your laundry experience. Simply place a few drops of your favourite essential oil onto the wool dryer balls and toss them in with your laundry and enjoy fresh smelling, clean fabrics.

Why use abode Dryer Balls? abode Dryer Balls are designed to replace your regular dryer sheets. When added to your laundry, these wool dryer balls help soften your clothes, reduce wrinkles, shorten drying time, and leave your laundry smelling fresh.

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