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Top Picks for Skincare: Frankincense Touch and Neroli Touch

Essential oils and absolutes have been used since ancient times in perfumes and soothing applications for the skin. Perhaps the most famous of these is the king of all oils, Frankincense. Precious floral oils have also been used throughout time for the enriching benefits they offer the skin. Other essential botanicals like tea tree were utilized for their clarifying properties. 


doTERRA Touch® Frankincense, doTERRA Touch® Neroli, doTERRA Touch® Jasmine, and doTERRA Touch® Tea Tree essential oils have stood the test of time and are our top picks for enhancing your skincare routine. These doTERRA Touch® steel ball roller bottles guarantee that you’re getting an easy, even application of these precious oils every time. Even better, they are already diluted in Fractionated Coconut Oil, making these options gentler for direct, regular application and sensitive skin. But how and when should you use them? Let’s talk about it!


Soothing and Moisturizing

Face and Complexion 

doTERRA Touch Neroli and doTERRA Touch Jasmine essential oils can improve the look of skin imperfections and promote a healthy-looking complexion with their gentle, moisturizing properties. Use them in combination with our other favorite skin essential oils to transform your regular skincare experience: 

  • doTERRA Touch Frankincense + doTERRA Touch Neroli make a perfect skincare duo that offers optimal moisture and a youthful looking complexion. Together they have a rich, earthy, sweet fragrance. Enjoy the warm, soothing effect of doTERRA Touch Frankincense while doTERRA Touch Neroli gives extra soothing to dry skin. 
    • Best time to use: In the morning before applying makeup (if you use it) or after using your favorite moisturizer. 
  • Combine doTERRA Touch Jasmine + doTERRA Touch Tea Tree for a cool, floral aroma. doTERRA Touch Jasmine offers a radiant moisture, while doTERRA Touch Tea Tree cleanses and clarifies the surface of your skin. Try using Jasmine under your eyes to reduce the appearance of aging.
    • Best time to use: In the evening after washing your face with your favorite cleanser. 

Shaving Irritation

Roll doTERRA Touch Frankincense directly onto freshly shaved skin for a soothing experience on dry razor bumps on either your face or legs! Complement with a roll-on application of doTERRA Touch Neroli or doTERRA Touch Jasmine for a sweet floral fragrance, or with doTERRA Touch Tea Tree for a cooling after-shave effect and earthy aroma.


Hands and Nails

When the skin on your hands is dry from harsh winter conditions, use doTERRA Touch Frankincense to soften and moisturize your skin where needed. For healthier looking nails and nailbeds, roll some extra oil onto your cuticles and fingernails. doTERRA Touch Tea Tree also can cleanse the surface of nails and keep them looking clean and strong.

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