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Benefits of Florals in Your Routine

We share fresh flowers to show love, beauty, and appreciation to the most special people in our lives. Why not give this same gift to your loved ones and to yourself in the form of essential oils? The truth is that floral essential oils are some of the finest you can have in your collection. Here’s some key ways you can unlock the essential elegance within floral oils for daily use in your beauty routines!  

Moisture Balance

Some floral essential oils like Rose and Jasmine have beautifying properties that help balance moisture levels in your skin. Balanced moisture levels help to give skin a healthy glow and an even-looking skin tone. You’ll love the look and feel of your skin even more knowing that it was nourished by the most naturally sourced products. 

To capture the moisturizing potential of these oils: 

  • Roll Rose beneath the eyes
  • Apply Jasmine to dry spots on the face and skin
  • Use Rose and Jasmine together after applying facial moisturizer 
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Clean Complexion

When applied gently to the face and skin, these oils can help promote the most radiant and youthful complexion you’ve ever experienced. Magnolia essential oil can help leave the skin looking clean and bright, while both Magnolia and Neroli essential oils gently soothe dry skin and restore a healthy-looking complexion. 

Our top recommendations to maximize this benefit: 

  • Apply Magnolia to face and skin after washing with a cleanser 
  • Give trouble spots a cooling effect by rolling Neroli on them
  • Use together to brighten the appearance of skin on your cheeks, forehead, arms, and hands. 
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Refined Fragrances

There are maybe no fragrances more alluring than florals. Using floral essential oils individually or layering them is an easy way to create your own essential oil perfume! The possibilities of floral aromatic combinations are nearly endless, so have fun and play with layering for a fragrance that is positively “you!” 

Whether you’re lifting your confidence through personal fragrance or refined skin care, these precious essentials have a place in your routine. Start experimenting—there’s no better time than now to find a routine that fits you perfectly!

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