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Essential Oil Shoe Deodorizer

Smelly shoes can happen to anyone! Whether your lifestyle involves daily runs or you simply rely on a good pair of shoes for regular errands, unpleasant smells can take hold over time. When attempting to get rid of the smell, keeping shoes outdoors can expose them to unwanted elements, and some pairs just aren’t machine washable. If you’re looking for a better way to care for your shoes, we have you covered—use essential oils to keep your favorite kicks in business with this easy shoe deodorizer spray. When coming up with this essential oil shoe deodorizer, we specifically chose essential oils with refreshing, clean aromas that freshen and brighten any space (no matter how small) to help put a little life back into your shoes. Simply spray the soles, and then head out with confidence to slay the day!



  1. In the spray bottle, add rubbing alcohol and essential oils.
  2. Close the bottle tightly and shake well to combine.
  3. Remove the shoe soles (if possible) and spray the inside of shoes and soles with a light mist.
  4. Place in a well-ventilated area and allow to air dry. Repeat this process as needed.

Note: For best results, spray your shoes with this DIY shoe deodorizer once a week, not just when they are smelly!

Fresh feet are always in style when you use this easy deodorizer using essential oils. What’s your go-to essential oil combo for freshening your shoes? Let us know by posting a pic to Instagram or Facebook (bonus points if your favorite footwear is in the shot!) and tag us (@doterraca).

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